Chapter 9 and 10 timeline

By kateyk
  • Diplomats recommended to President Franklin Pierce that the us buy cuba and spain

    Spanish responded by saying that they would rather see cuba sunk in the ocean.
  • The United States took over the Midway Islands

    They lie in the Pacific Ocean about 1300 miles north of Hawaii. No one lived there and it didnt attracted attention.
  • Period: to

    Cubans rebelled against Spain

    Was not successful, but cuban people did force Spain to abolish slavery.
  • The Womans Christian Temperance Union spearheaded the crusade for prohibition

    Members advanced their cause by entering saloons, singing, praying, and urging saloonkeepers to stop selling alcohol.
  • Susette La Flesche

    A young Omaha woman, traveled east to traslate into english the words of Chief Standing Bear, whose Ponca people had been forcibly removed from their homeland in Nebraska.
  • The Interstate Commerce Act

    Prohibited wealthy railroad owners from colluding to fix high prices by dividing the buisness in a given area.
  • Hawaii was pressured to allow the u.s to build a naval base

    A naval base was built at pearl harbor. It became a refueling station for american ships.
  • Hawaii's King Kalakaua died

    His sister Queen Liliuokalani came to power with a "Hawaii for Hawaiians" agenda.
  • The Anti-Saloon league was created

    Also called itself " the Church in action against the saloon". They worked to pass laws to force people to change and to punish those who drank.
  • Spain responded to the Cuban revolt by sending general Valeriano Weyler to cuba.

    he tried to crush the rebellion by herding the entire rural population of central and western cuba into barbedwire concentration camps.
  • U.S.S Maine blew up

    the ship blew up in the Harbor of Havana. More than 260 men were killed.
  • Hawaii became a territory

    Congress proclaimed Hawaii an American territory, although they didn't have the chance to vote.
  • A hurricane and tidal wave almost demolished Galveston,Texas.

    Natural disasters sometimes played an important role in prompting reform of city governments.The politicians on the city council botched the huge relief and rebuilding job so badly that the Texas legislature appointed a five-member commision of experts to take over.
  • Theodore Roosevelt wasn't supposed to be president.

    The young governor from New York was urged to run as Mckinley's vice-president by the state's political bosses.
  • Californias Yosemite National Park

    Persuaded the president to set aside 148 million acres of forest reserves.
  • The National Child Labor Committee was formed.

    Sent investigators to get evidence of children working in bad conditions.
  • Roosevelt won the election.

    Roosevelt pledged not to run for reelection in 1908.
  • The Hepburn Act

    strictly limited the distribution of free railroad passes, a common form of bribery.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Halted the sale of contaminated foods and medicines and called for truth in labeling.
  • Case of Muller v. Oregon .

    Was assisted by Florence Kelley and Josephine Goldmark, persuasively argued that poor working women were much more economically insecure than large corporations.
  • 1912 Presidentian Election

    they put forward as their candidate a reform governor of New Jersey named Woodrow Wilson.
  • Republican Convention

    Taft supporters maneuvered to replace Roosevelt delegates with Taft delegates in a number of delegations.
  • 5000 woman suffragists marched through hostile crowds in d.c

    alice paul and lucy burns, the organizers, were members of the national american woman suffrage association. police failed to restain the rowdy gathering and corgressmen demanded an investigation, the two women could see the momentum building for suffrage.
  • Federal Trade Commision Act of 1914

    Given the power to investigate possible violations of regulatory statues, to require periodic reports violations of regulatory to an end to a number of unfair business practices.
  • Bunting v. Oregon

    persuaded the court to uphold a ten hour workday for men.
  • Alaska became a state.

    The U.S has aquired a land rich in timber,minerals, and oil.