1980 Olympics

  • Period: to

    Soviet War in Afghanistan

  • Iranian Hostage Crisis

    This was a 444-day crisis in which 52 US citizens were taken hostage when the Iranian militia took over the US Embassy.
  • The Invasion of Afghanistan

    The Invasion of Afghanistan happened because the USSR wanted the Afghanistan government to stay in power. The US wanted the Mujihadeen, an anti-Marxist group, to take over the Afghani government. While the USSR invaded Afghanistan, the US quietly helped the Mujihadeen from the background.
  • Grain Embargo

    The Grain Embargo was Jimmy Carter's initial response to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. The US stopped selling grain to the USSR.
  • Boycott Announced

    Jimmy Carter announces that the US will boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.
  • 1980 Olympics in Moscow, USSR

    Only 80 countries participated in the 1980 Olympics. This is the smallest number of participating countries since 1904!
  • 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles

    The USSR boycotted the 1984 Olympics in response to the US's boycott in 1980. However, only 14 countries followed the USSR in the boycott of 1984, while 65 countries boycotted with the US in the 1980 boycott.
  • End of the Cold War

    The Cold War is over. The Soviet Union has fallen, and is not a world power any more.