Technology Timeline

By gina23
  • Special pencil - positive

    Got my first pencil at FAO Schwartz. Drawing became my new favorite thing. Never would put the pencil down, wrote and/or made everything with it.
  • Movie - negative

    Watched the movie "It" with my cousin. Still scared of clowns to this day.
  • Book reading - positive

    Would read and talk about books every nigth before going to sleep with my father. One of the best memories I have as a child. Also helped promote my love for reading.
  • Office - Negative

    Got sent to the principal's office for having my name in a mean note (and I didn't even write it!!!).
  • Tickets - Positive

    Won tickets for a concert while listening to the radio. Called in to answer the question. I got through with just one call.
  • Cell Phone - positive

    Got my first personal cell phone.
  • Internet - Negative

    Slept in from spending all night online talking with friends through AIM. Ended up being really late for school.
  • Texting - positive

    Got texting on my phoen and spent hours tlaking with friends through it. Replaced having to use AIM.
  • Texting - negative

    Got phone taken away from me during class for texting other friends.
  • Facebook - positive

    Got an account with facebook. Started making events and socializing with many new college friends.
  • Facebook - negative

    Was being stalked by many "creepers" on facebook by constantly getting messages. Ended up canceling account for a period of time.
  • Blackberry - positive

    Got my first Blackberry. Started using it to browse online. Really helped when driving to friends' colleges and needed to look up directions on mapquest if got lost.
  • Online learning - positive

    Able to take online class rather than have to drive down to campus on Pitt. Flexible with my schedule!