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  • Florence "Flo" Ballard is born.

    Florence "Flo" Ballard is born.
  • Period: to

    The Supremes

  • Mary Wilson is born.

    Mary Wilson is born.
  • Diana Ross is born.

    Diana Ross is born.
  • All three girls grow up in Detroit, MIchigan.

    All three girls grow up in Detroit, MIchigan.
  • The Primettes.

    The Primettes.
    Florence Ballard a junior high student met Paul Williams and Eddie Kendrick’s, two members of the male singing group the primes. They decided to make a sister group called the primettes. Florence recruited her best friend Mary Wilson, who in turn recruited Diane Ross. They later changed their name to, The Supremes.
  • CRASH then BURN.

    CRASH then BURN.
    After Winning a prestigious local singing contest, their guitarist got them an audition with Gordy, a Motown Music executive.He liked the primettes but felt as if they were too young and inexperienced.
    Gordy encouraged them to come back after the graduated high school.
  • Gotta Keep Movin'.

    Gotta Keep Movin'.
    They ignored the critisim and began to make singles. They were signed my Lu Pine records (made just for them). Made many singles but struggled to find an audience. They were soon nick named the “no hit Supremes.”
  • "When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes"

    They didn’t give up and in 1963 they came out with the song “When the lovelight starts shining through his eyes”, which made it all the way up to number 23 on the billboard hot 100.
  • Diana Ross and the supremes.

    Diana Ross and the supremes.
    In late 1963, Diana Ross was named leader of the group .
  • "Where did our love go?"

    "Where did our love go?"
    In 1964, the Supremes recorded the single “Where did our love go”. In august 1964 the single hit number 1. This followed four consecutive US number 1 hits.
  • International super stars!

    International super stars!
    1965 they became international stars, touring all over the world.
  • Height of their career.

    Height of their career.
    They started coming out with many singles and records, selling out huge concerts all over the world. Their popularity level came very close to the beatles.
  • All good things must come to an end.

    All good things must come to an end.
    By 1973, after many singles and records. Differences in the group caused Diana to depart the group and become a single artist. The group went downhill, ans officially broke up after there farewell concert on June 12th, 1977.