Month-By-Month Development of Child From Birth to Three

  • Birth

    Jillian's eyesight is pretty fuzzy. When babies are born, they're eyesight is blurry and can only see about 15 inches away from them.
  • 1-Month-Old

    At 1-month-old, Jillian is discovering her hands and feet. She is also starting to gurgle, coo, and hum to express her feelings.
  • 2-Months-Old

    Jillian is now sleeping for larger chunks of time. She is also learning how to turn from her side to her back and from her back to her side. She can also tell the difference between different voices.
  • 3-Months-Old

    She is now coordinating her arms, legs, and hands. She also loves to be touched and have someone by her 24/7. She continues to recognize everything about her parents and family. She smiles at everything that comes at her.
  • 4-Months-Old

    Jillian now understands different sounds. She now is starting to recite words such as "Mama" or "Dada".
  • 5-Months-Old

    Although she can't express her feelings the same way we can, she still is now letting you know when she is happy or unhappy. Her sense of humor is now developing as well.
  • 6-Months-Old

    As Jillian starts to become more and more active, she always wants to be in comfy clothes! She is now crawling!
  • 7-Months-Old

    Jillian has started feeding herself finger foods, but it's very limited. Walking is in the near future!
  • 8-Months-Old

    She has now entered then land of bumps and falls! She has learned how to walk!
  • 9-Months-Old

    As Jillian is getting used to walking, she is also getting into a lot of things! Making sure she is watched at this point is a very important thing to do!
  • 10-Months-Old

    She now is starting to understand certain words and phrases and comprehends them. She starts repeating her mommy as she uses the correct words and phrases in the right way!
  • 11-Months-Old

    As Jillian's brain continues to develop, so is her ability to reason and speak! She is now spitting out words like it's nothing to her!
  • 1-Year-Old

    Over the time of being 1, Jillian has done a lot! She is now playing in a new way, eating perfectly with her new baby teeth, drinking out of a sippy cup, scribbling pictures, brushing her teeth, and many more!
  • 2-Years-Old

    Wow she's two! She is playing GREAT with others and starting to learn how to share. Simply plays make beleive, however has frequent tantrums!
  • 3-Years-Old

    Big 3-year-old! Jillians is now able to understand and be understood out of 80% of the things she says! She loves reading books, beginning to play and share better, and not throwing as many tantrums!