Vladek in the Camps

By pi-nerd
  • Vladek enters camps

    Vladek enters camps
    Vladek is captured during war and is taken to a camp to do work.
  • Vladek changes camps

    Vladek signs up to work as a replacement for German soldiers who have died. He is taken to another camp with far better conditions.
  • Vision of grandfather

    Vision of grandfather
    Vladek has a dream in which his grandfather tells him he will be released on the day of Parshas Truma.
  • Parshas Truma

    Parshas Truma
    Vladek and the other P.O.W.s are released from the P.O.W. camps, and are taken to the Protectorate to be shot at.
  • Orbach saves Vladek

    Orbach is registered as Vladek's cousin and Vladek is given to him to look after so the Germans don't kill him.
  • Vladek comes home

    Vladek comes home
    Vladek hides away on a train going to Sosnowiec, and manages to get to his family.
  • Moved into ghettos

    Moved into ghettos
    All the Jews are told to leave Sosnowiec and are taken to a small town called Srodula.
  • To Auschwitz

    To Auschwitz
    Vladek and Anja are taken to Auschwitz after being captured trying to escape to Hungary.
  • Vladek teaches English

    The Kapo in Vladek's block wanted to learn English because the Allies were beginning to win the war. Vladek begins to teach it to him.
  • New shoes for Mandelbaum

    New shoes for Mandelbaum
    By helping the Kapo to learn English, Vladek is able to get shoes, a spoon, and a belt for his friend Mandelbaum.
  • Tinsmithing

    Vladek can no longer stay in the quaranteen block, so the Kapo asks him if he can do any skilled labour. Vladek lists some jobs he held before the war, and he is sent to be a tinsmith.
  • Vladek meets Mancie

    Vladek meets Mancie
    Vladek meets Mancie, a clever woman who helps Vladek and Anja communicate.
  • A letter from Anja

    Mancie brings from Anja a letter to Vladek telling that knowledge of him being alive is the only thing keeping her alive. Vladek writes back to say that he thinks of her always and sends two pieces of bread.
  • Vladek visits Anja

    Vladek visits Anja
    Working as a roofer, Vladek gets a chance to go to Birkenau. He tells Anja to save her food for herself.
  • Vladek is caught

    Vladek is caught
    One time when Vladek is visiting Anja, an S.S. man catches him and beats him for "flirting and gossiping".
  • Selektions

    Every so often, there would be a selection in the camps, and the Germans would take the sickly prisoners to be killed. For the first few selections, Vladek was healthy enough to be put in the good category.
  • Vladek the shoemaker

    Vladek the shoemaker
    After a selection, the shoemaker who had been in the tinshop was taken away. Vladek went to the Kapo of that block and offered to be a shoemaker. After fixing a shoe, he has a new job.
  • Vladek needs to improve

    Since many of the German officiaals prefered to have Vladek fix their shoes, one day someone brings him a new boot with a huge tear. Vladek offers a day's rations to an expert and learns how to fix this sort of tear in a shoe. The next day, the official gives him a full sausage for fixing the shoe.
  • New barracks are being built

    New barracks are being built
    Vladek learns that some women from Birkenau are going to be moved into Auschwitz, and new barracks are being made for them. Vladek writes a letter to Anja telling her of this and that he is now a shoemaker.
  • Anja helps her kapo

    The Kapo of Anja's barracks is very mean, and always kicks people who come too close. Anja notices that the Kapo's leather boots are coming apart, and offers to have her husband fix them. After Vladek fixes them, the Kapo treats Anja completely differently, and helps her.
  • Vladek's savings are stolen

    Vladek saves up a lot of cigarettes to arrange for Anja to be moved into the new barracks closer to him. However, the box with all his savings is stolen.
  • Anja moves in

    When the women from Birkenau are taken into Auschwitz, Anja is among the ones taken.
  • Anja manages to escape

    Vladek waits to see Anja, and tosses to her a package when he sees her. An official sees Anja take the package, and chases her. Anja manages to hide under some blankets. Although the man tried to force her out during an appel, her friends did not betray her.
  • Vladek is moved

    Vladek's workshop is closed, and Vladek is sent back to the main camp to do "black work".
  • Vladek has to hide

    By this time, Vladek is very skinny. It comes time for a selection, and Vladek hides in the bathroom until it is over. Luckily, nobody finds him.
  • Vladek goes back to Yidl

    Vladek is moved back to the tinshop with Yidl after the "black work".
  • Vladek disassembles gas rooms.

    Vladek disassembles gas rooms.
    When the Russians got near, the Nazis wanted to pack up everything and take it to Germany, so they had all the tinsmen work on disassembling the facilities they used to kill the Jews. While he works, he is given a description of what happened to the bodies from a Jew who had been working there to clean up.
  • Russians are almost at Auschwitz

    Russians are almost at Auschwitz
    When the Russians are almost at the camp, the Germans get ready to evacuate. Vladek and a few friends plan to hide in a laundry room to be found when the Russians arrive. However, someone then comes and tells the group that the Nazis plan to burn and blow up the camp, and they have to march with the Nazis.
  • Evacuaate Auschwitz

    Evacuaate Auschwitz
    The Nazis force the prisoners to march, and they all leave Auschwitz, Nazis shooting anyone who can't march.
  • During the march

    During the march
    Vladek sees a man act in the way his neighbor's dog did when he was a child. Also, he sees friends try to bribe the guards into not shooting them when they try to run, but the guards break their promises.
  • Arrive in another camp

    After the march, the prisoners arrive in a smaller camp within Germany, and are herded onto a train for cows. Vladek hangs his blanket on two ceiling hooks and sits down for the trip.
  • The train ride

    The train ride
    The train goes somewhere for a while, and eventually it just stopped. Vladek was able to get water from snow on top of the train, and he traded it for sugar. After a while, the Germans opened the cars and took out the dead. After aother week, the red cross gives everyone food, and the trains are now on their way to Dachau.
  • Arrive in Dachau

    Arrive in Dachau
    It is very crowded in the camp, because all of the Jews that had been prisoners are being moved into Germany to hide them from the Allied powers. The prisoners had to sit on straw infested with live carrying typhus.
  • Hand infection

    Hand infection
    Vladek gets a hand infection, and irritates it such that he can stay in the infirmary and get more food and more room to sleep. The daily irritation gave him a scar.
  • Vladek meets a French man

    Vladek meets a French prisoner who has almost gone insane with nobody to understand him. Luckily, they both speak English. When the French man gets a package from his family with food, he insists on giving some to Vladek.
  • Vladek gets a clean shirt

    Vladek gets a clean shirt
    With the chocolate from his French friend, Vladek gets a clean shirt from someone and always shows this shirt to the Germans giving soup. The Germans gave no soup if your shirt had lice, so Vladek kept his clean shirt wrapped in paper.
  • Vladek gets Typhus

    Vladek gets Typhus
    Vladek comes down ith a case of typhus and again is sent to the infirmary.
  • POW train comes to take prisoners

    POW train comes to take prisoners
    Vladek buys the help of two people to carry him to the train and be exchanged as a prisoner of war to the Swiss. When the Jews get off the train, they are met by a German patrol hoping to kill Jews, but they all run off before killing them since the war is over. This happens again, and Vladek finds a friend and they go to hide. Eventually they meet the Americans and are saved.