Sojourner Truth

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    Sojourner Truth

  • Sojourner Truth Birth

    Sojourner Truth Birth
    Born in Ulster County, New York in the summer of 1800. There is not an exact date of her birth recorded.
  • Given her Name

    Given her Name
    Was given the name Isabelle when she was born. Later she changed it to Sojourner Truth
  • New Owner

    New Owner
    Isabelle was sold to a new slave owner John Neely. She worked in the kitchen for his family cooking.
  • First Son

    First Son
    Belle had her first son named Peter
  • Sold Again

    Sold Again
    John Neely sold her to a man named Martin Schryver. Belle worked in the fields for his farm mostly.
  • Another Owner

    Another Owner
    Sold again to John Dumont. Dumont had a very large plantation for being in New York and worked in the kitchen and helped Mrs. Dumont
  • Second Child

    Second Child
    Belle had her second child named Sophie
  • Peter gets Arrested

    Peter gets Arrested
    Sojourner's son Peter gets arrested and sent to the south where he will never be freed as a slave. he works on a fishing boat.
  • Freedom

    The state of New York grants freedom to all slaves in the state and Belle goes free.
  • Leaves Dumonts

    Leaves Dumonts
    leaves Dumonts and begins her life in the east.
  • Changed Name

    Changed Name
    Isabelle changed her name to Sojourner Truth when she became a free slave.
  • First Book

    First Book
    Sojourner Truth writes a book about her expierences as a slave. Many people read it since it is the first book written by a slave who is a woman.
  • Aint i a Woman? speech

    Aint i a Woman? speech
    Sojourner Truth's most famous speech on her book tour.
  • other abolitionists

    other abolitionists
    Truth starts working with other abolitionists like fredrick douglas.
  • Moving Again

    Moving Again
    moved to washington D.C. and became sick
  • Death of Sojourner Truth

    Death of Sojourner Truth
    Truth died in Novemeber and is buried in Battle Creek, Michigan.
    Her grave is in the Oak Hill Cemetary