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American Labor Movement

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    American Labor Movement

  • Profit Sharing

    At Albert Gallatin's glass works in Pennsylvania, profit sharing formed.
  • Commonwealth V. Pullis

    After a labor stike those involved in the strike were found guilty of conspiracy and fined.
  • Boston Strike

    This was one of the first strikes for a more fair 10 hour work day.
  • Silk MIlls Strike

    Children went on strike for what they deemed a more fair 11 hour work day six days a week.
  • Commonwealth v. Hunt

    This ruling, by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, stated that unions were not conspiracies and were completely legal.
  • Railroad Strike Ends In Deaths

    In New York, two railroad strikers are shot while many other were injured, following a strike.
  • Shoemaker's Strike

    Thousands marched together in Lynn, Massachusetts.
  • Railroad Union

    The Brotherhood of the Footboard becomes the first railroad union, originating in Marshall, Michigan.
  • Knights of Labor

    Knights of Labor
    This was a new union formed by Uriah Stephans.
  • B.o.L.F.

    The Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen was formed.
  • Tompkins Square Riot

    Many unemployed workers in NYC went on strike. Police were sent out to stop the strike, using clubs and resulting in the deaths of many of the men, women, and even children involved in the strike.
  • Great Railroad Strike

    This strike against wage cuts starting in West Virginia, quickly spread to many other states.
  • Railroad Halted

    Federal troops were sent out to stop a nationwide strike, this ended with many violent battles between strikers and the troops, such as the Battle of the Viaduct.
  • Labor Day

    This was the first Labor Day parade in NYC.
  • 8 hours/day

    The Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions stated that an eight hour work day should be counted as a legal work day.
  • Molly Maquires

    Irish miners revolted against major wage cuts in Pennsylvania and were hung.
  • National Labor Union

    National Labor Union
    This was the first national labor union to be formed.
  • Great Southwest Railroad Strike

    This involved more than 200,000 workers joined together against Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific railroads.
  • Universal Eight Hour Day

    Many joined the Knights of Labor in favor of an universal eight hour workday.
  • May Day

    The Haymarket Riot resulting in the police shooting at protesters leaving many dead.
  • Bay View Tragedy

    Polish workers joined many other unhappy workers to protest the 10 hour workday. The state militia was called in and the next day the protesters were shot at, leaving many dead.
  • Sugar Workers Shot

    The Louisiana Militia shot at and killed 35 unarmed protesters trying to gain a dollar-per-day wage.
  • Win for Workers

    New York workers (after a seven-month strike) agreed to a closed shop and the firing of all scabs.
  • Cripple Creek Miners

    Miners went on strike after an unfair increase in work hours. The state militia was called to protect the miners from the sheriff's deputies.
  • Pullman Strike

    This was a strike where the ARU (American Railway Union) boycotted running trains that contained Pullman cars. This was due to the Pullman Palace Car Co. cutting wages.