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100th day of school timeline

  • first time to open and decorate locker

    first time to open and decorate locker
    I opened my locker for the first time to put up my purple flower wallpaper.
  • meet the teacher night

    meet the teacher night
    I met all of my amazing teachers Mrs.sherman (Homeroom and L.A) , Mrs.Ritzel ( S.S ) , Mrs.Hickman (Math), Mrs.Lebouf (Science).
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    I met many freinds and opened my newly decorated locker and placed my backpack lunch box and 4 textbooks.
  • Park Day and Fall Social

    Park Day and Fall Social
  • End of first quartar

    End of first quartar
    by now I knew soo many good friends and i had got the hang of my schedule.
  • First Report card

    First Report card
    i got all A+ and 1 B+
  • Feild trip to ball recycling

    Feild trip to ball recycling
    there were soo many cans being recycled and printed ther were over a million cans
  • Thanksgiving

    we had turkeys and cassirol but i had chicken nuggets because i hate turkey and cassirol
  • Callenge Course

    Callenge Course
    the ropes and games made me strong and learn to intract with a team.
  • Junior Achevment Day

    Junior Achevment Day
    the students were very nice I loved the chain in Mrs.Shermans room
  • Holiday Party

    Holiday Party
    we got antlers and played cool games in Mrs.Shermans room i won the gift box full of candy and in Mrs.eLboufs room i made a race car out of candy.
  • Chistmas Eve

    Chistmas Eve
    I could hardly fall asleep I was so happy for Christmas
  • Christmas

    I got so many cool gifts I got soo much horseback riding gear.
  • New years

    New years
    I stayed up all night watching hhorton heres a who on my laptop
  • Mr.T subed for science

    Mr.T subed for science
    Mr.T was a great sub for science he gave us good instructons and took some time so we could get to know him.
  • Found out I was moving

    Found out I was moving
    my dad was transfered to ohio to have a higher level job.
  • Mrs.Hickmans birthday

    Mrs.Hickmans birthday
    Mrs.Hickman had 3 bouqutes full of flowers I brought her yellowsun flowers for her flower arrangement.