100th Day of School

By Niedor
  • Meet the Teacher

    Meet the Teacher
    The day we got to meet the teacher and see how everything will work.
  • 1st Day of School

    1st Day of School
    Hooray! I am now in 5th grade!
  • Park Day & Fall Social

    Park Day & Fall Social
  • End of 1st Quarter

    End of 1st Quarter
  • Mitchell Mustang Award Ceremony

    Mitchell Mustang Award Ceremony
  • 1st Quarter Report Card

    1st Quarter Report Card
  • Field Trip

    Field Trip
  • Fundraiiser Award

    Fundraiiser Award
  • Thanksgiving

  • Thanksgiving

  • Challenge Course

    Challenge Course
  • Junior Achievement

    Junior Achievement
    When seniors came and taught us about jobs and what we could do in he future.
  • Holiday Party

    Holiday Party
  • "Night of the Golden Peacock" Dance Recital

    "Night of the Golden Peacock" Dance Recital
  • "Forum Auditions" Piano Competition

    "Forum Auditions" Piano Competition
    A piano competition where I had to play 3 pieces and I got a 1+ which means I did REALLY good!
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    The day when I was born and I went to the theater to watch Chipwrecked with my friends.
  • Montgomery County ibrary Dance Performance

    Montgomery County ibrary Dance Performance