100 Years with John Adams!

By ktwang
  • John Adams was Born in Massachusetts

    John Adams later became the 2nd President of the US. He helped to make our country what it is today.
  • Thomas Jefferson was Born

    Thomas Jefferson is mainly known for writing the Declaration of Independence.
  • Abigail Smith was Born

    Abigail later married John Adams and has 5 children.
  • John Adams Studies at Harvard

    John Adams gets a good education at Harvard and originally wanted to become a farmer or minister. But then adopted an interest for law. He graduated Harvard in 1755.
  • Adams Married Abigail Smith

    Adams got married and had children with Abigail. One of which was John Quincy Adams.
  • John Quincy Adams was Born

    John Quincy Adams was John Adams son. He later became the 6th president of the US.
  • Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre happened when a group of British troops got into a fight with people on the street. Then the British fired their guns into a crowd of people. They killed a total of 5 people.
  • Adams Elected to Governor's Council

    The Governors Council helped to contribute ideas to certain issues.
  • The 1st Continental Congress Meeting

    The 1st Continental Congress was a meeting of representatives from different states. They disscussed issues.
  • Adams Helped Write Solutions for Independece

    John Adams was part of the committee that helped to write resolutions that made America independent.
  • The Declaration of Independence is Signed

    The Declaration of Independence was mainly written by Thomas Jefferson. This document declared our independence from Britain.
  • The Treaty of Paris is Signed

    John Adams led a group responsible for negotiating peace with Britain, so the signing of the Treaty of Paris was very important to the US.
  • Admas became the 1st Diplomatic Agent to London

    This was one of the three major jobs that Adams had during his life time.
  • John Adams becomes Vice President

    John Adams become VP to George Washington, who was the first president. He helped Washington lead the country when the US first established a government.
  • The Alien Act Goes into Effect

    The Alien Act allowed the President to imprison an alien, or immigrant, if they were accused of doing something wrong.
  • The Sedition Act Goes into Effect

    The Sedition Act states the anyone who speaks against the government will be arrested.
  • The Whiskey Rebellion Turns Violent

    Farmers didn't like the tax on whiskey, so they decided to rebel. One day they took it too far, so Washington sent troops to contain the situation. This act showed that the new government would be successfull.
  • John Adams Became the 2nd President

    As president, Adams helped to solve many issues that the country was facing during that time.
  • XYZ Affair

    Frace thought that the US was helping Britian, so they stated capturing our ships. Then Frace sent 3 people who demanded money from the Americans in order for them to stop. Since they didn't state their names, the US refered to them as X, Y and Z.
  • John Adams Retires

    John Adams retires from politics at age 66.
  • Charles Francis Adams was Born

    Charles Fracis Adams was John Adam's grandson. Charles was the son of John Quincy Adams.
  • Abigail Adams Died

    Abigail died from tuberculosis but maintained a strong marriage with John Adams.
  • Thomas Jefferson Dies

    Thomas Jefferson was the one of the main writers for the Declaration of Independence.
  • John Adams Died

    John Adams was one of the founding fathers of our country, his contruibutions to the government help shape our country.