100 days of school

By swardle
  • meet the teacher

    meet the teacher
    The first time we got to see our amazing lc and teachers.
  • 1st day of school

    1st day of school
    Our first time to go to school after summer break
  • park day

    park day
    The day where we went to the park to have fun!!!
  • fall social

    fall social
    When 5th grade got together and won prizes
  • end of first quarter

    end of first quarter
  • 1st report card

    1st report card
  • got my cast off

    got my cast off
    i got my second cast off!!!
  • field trip

    field trip
    our field trip to ball
  • fundraiser reward @main event

    fundraiser reward @main event
    went to main event if participated in the fundraiser
  • first soccer lesson

    first soccer lesson
    first time practicing with the rush girls
  • thanksgiving

    thanksgiving break
  • challenge course

    challenge course
    when we went out into the woods and did a course that was fun
  • junior achievement

    junior achievement
    when the highschool kids came and influenced us.
  • won art contest

    won art contest
    when my orthedontist held an art contest with a reward of prizes.
  • holiday party

    holiday party
    the christmas party the pta set up for us to celebrate christmas