Logo zalando


  • Zalando's foundation

  • Period: to

    Zalando starts his business

    Zalando enters in the market taking soon the leadership in germany for the fashion e-commerce, focusing on the shoes's sellings
  • Zalando reaches 6 milion euros in revenues

  • Period: to

    Zalando expand his business

    Zalando decide to add new type of clothes and accessories on the website
  • Period: to

    Zalando geographic expansion

    Zalando success to enter in 15 different european markets
  • Period: to

    Zalando reach operational excellence

    Thanks to a development for the zalando app and some investments in technology and logistic infrastructures zalando become one of the biggest company in his sector
  • Zalando is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • Period: to

    Zalando become the biggest only-online fashion company

    Zalando thanks to a focusing on a deep customer relationship and a leveraging infrastructure beyond wholesale (partner program) reaches the top in his business's branch
  • Zalando reaches 6,5 billion in revenues