• Birth Place

    Birth Place
    Jackie was born on jan 31 in 1919 in Georgia.
  • Period: to

    Jackie robinson life span

    Life of Jackie Robinson
  • Sister

    Significant person
    His sister allways keept him postive when he was a kid.
  • Branch rickey

    Branch rickey
    Significant Person
    He shook hands with jakcie robinosn to let him play for the dogers.
  • Try to get in the mlb

    Try to get in the mlb
    Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier that divide black and white. Jackie Robinson Was the first african american in the Mlb.
  • jackie robinson baseball team

    jackie robinson baseball team
    When jackie robinson had to play on his team the dogers he wanst liked because he was black.
  • Breaking the color barrier

    Breaking the color barrier
    Jackie had to try to break the color barrier to even get in the Mlb.
  • World war 2 over

    World war 2 over
    World history event
    In 1950 the world war 2 ended and brought back thousands of young men to live there lives again.
  • First modern credit card

    World history event
    Mcnamara thought of a way for people to use credit card at multiple stores not just one. This was givin out in 1950 to 200 people.
  • Help win World Series

    Help win World Series
    it wanst unitl 1955 win jackie robinson won his first world series vs New York Yankees.
  • Death Place

    Death Place
    Jackie Robinson died on October 24 in 1972 in Stanford, Ct. Do to a Massive heart attack.
  • Daughter

    Significant person
    She rote a book about everything he did for her.