Yellow Stone

  • Yellow Stone

    Yellow Stone
    Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park. It was established in 1872. Yellowstone extends through Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.
  • Acadia

    In Maine, rocky shore and big bodies of water.
  • Hot Spring

    Hot Spring
    Located in Arkensas, has been managed for public use.
    only a national park in Uban area.Also a largearea.
  • Bryce Canyon

    Bryce Canyon
    Located in utah
    Unique area of tall hoodoos formed by erosion
  • The smoky mountain park

    The smoky mountain park
    Americans ost visited park
    HLow tempertatures mostly and lots of trees. Located in Carolina , Tennessee.
  • Big Bend

    Big Bend
    Named the Bend of Rio Grand along Mexico border. Made with mostly rock and low rivers.
  • Canyonland

    Located in utah, into 4 districtd, mostly dry area and made up of mostly rock .
  • Aches

    Located in utah
    Desert like climate
  • Badlands

    Located in tsouth Dakota
    Fossil from oligoncene epoch wilslife
  • Biscayne

    Located in Florida
    four interrlation marin, mostly water a little rock source
  • Katmai

    located in Alaska,
    Most feeled with ice and super cold waters. Sharp rock at the bottom and top.
  • American Somoa

    American Somoa
    Located in America, Big mountains and white beach. Also home to the flies, foxes, and brown bobbies.
  • The Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon
    One of the most visited parks, high mountains and big rocls are mostly found on the top of the mountains
  • Black Canyon

    Black Canyon
    Located Colorado, Gunnison
    Very steep desert and site rivers everywhere.
  • The great sand dune

    The great sand dune
    Has palpine lakes and is a wide area with small hills. Located in Colorado , San Lu Valley