Yasmina Reza Timeline

By lexxisz
  • Father

    "Reza's father was a Russian-born[3][4][5] Bukharan Jewish engineer, businessman, and pianist" "During the Nazi occupation, her father was deported from Nice to Drancy internment camp"
  • Mother

    her mother was a Jewish Hungarian violinist from Budapest
  • Birth

    Yasmina Reza was born May 1st, 1959 in Paris, France
  • Education

    Yasmins Reza attended Paris Nattre University and school of Jacques Lecoq for drama school
  • First Play

    The first two plays she wrote, both winners of a Moliere Award
  • Conversation after a burial (her first play)

    This play involved death and sex this was one of her first plays
  • First kid

    Yasmina Reza's first child was a girl she was born 1988 she is 34 years old
  • Winter Crossing

    I believe this was her second play that she did it was about a friendship that develops between six people spending their vacation at a swiss mountain resort
  • Second Child

    Yasmina Rezas second child is Nathan Reza he was born 1993 he is 29 years old.
  • Art

    This was the play that was premiered and got Yasmina wide known. The play was about and who basically has the better modern art
  • The unexpected man

    This play also got well known and popular. It was about a train traveling from paris to frankfurt and was mainly threes to characters talking
  • Trois version De la vi

    This play was awkward as everyone said it had 3 different outcomes. not really sure of the outcomes
  • The Spanish Play

    This play was about “a cast of actors rehearsing for and appearing in a play written by a spanish playwright, gives insight into the theatrical world”
  • God of Carnage

    Yasmina wrote this play and "is about two sets of parents; the son of one couple has hurt the son of the other couple at a public park. The parents meet to discuss the matter in a civilized manner. " (Google)
  • Chicas

    This was a screenplay she was both a screenwriter and director. "A Spanish widow settles in Paris, but problems arise when she introduces her new boyfriend to her three daughters."
  • Comment vous racontez la partie

    Theres really no context to this which means she probably didn't do good or she didn't finish.
  • Happy are the Happy: A Novel Yasmina Reza

    Yasmina Reza also made books and this was one of them this book was about, "we can’t help but admit that we are very much at home in this human comedy that understands all too well the passing thoughts, desires, actions, fears, and mistakes that we have and make day after day, but that we would be incapable of rendering with such acuity and compassion"
  • Babylon

    Too continue her novels this book was about " Elisabeth a woman whose curiosity and passion far exceed the borders of her quiet middle-class life. She befriends a neighbor and organizes a small dinner party. And then, quite suddenly, finds herself embarked with him on an adventure that is one part vaudeville and one part high tragedy"
  • Anne-Marie the Beauty

    this book is about :A very short novel with the power and resonance of a much longer one, Anne-Marie the Beauty is a profound and moving act of remembrance, a clear-eyed assessment of the hard-edged nature of fame, a meditation on aging--and a wonderfully observant and comic exploration of human foibles. In short, another thought-provoking master class in how we perform life by the peerless Yasmina Reza".
  • 2020 Jonathan Swift Prize

    She got this award "The author of Babylon (Flammarion), Prix Renaudot 2016, and Dawn in the evening or at night (Flammarion), Yasmina Reza, received the Jonathan Swift Prize, which has honored an author for his or her work every year since 2015. in the field of humor or satire. "