Adolf hitler portrait

WWII:Adolf Hitler and His Ideas (1889-1945)

By mboldt
  • Hitler is born the son of a customs official in Braunau, Austria.

  • Period: to

    WWII: Adolf Hitler and his Ideas (1889-1945)

  • Hitler volunteers to serve in the German Army at outbreak of WWI

  • Hitler is awarded the Iron Cross

  • Hitler is hospitialized due to gas poisoning.

  • Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi Party

  • Hitler is arrested after a failed putsch attempt

  • Hitler is imprisoned for nine months

  • Hitler is appointed chancellor of Germany

  • Hitler becomes the German Führer (dictator)

  • Hitler announces program of defiance of the Versailles Treaty

  • Hitler sends Germany into the Rhineland

  • Hitler returns to Austria in triumph

  • Hitler signs the Munich agreement

  • Hitler orders the invasioin of Poland to take place September 1st

  • Hitler makes defeated French sign armistice terms

  • Hitler calls for a"a war of annihilation" against Soviet Union

  • Hitler declares war on the USA

  • Hitler takes personal command of the German Army

  • Hitler orders German 6th Army to not withdraw from Stalingrad

  • Hitler survives an attempted assassination

  • Hitler shoots himself to avoid surrendering to the Soviet Army