WWII time line

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  • German troops invade poland

  • Church and Reich

    The church and Reich is a german thing. FUN FACT The largest Protestant church in Germany in the 1930s was the German Evangelical Church, comprised of 28 regional churches.
  • Brittan and France declare war on Germany

  • Fall of France and the battle of Brittan

    Attack from the air is known as the Battle of Britain, fought entirely between the two air forces. The bombardment began as a prelude to a planned German invasion that never took place.
  • Busy air raid

    By the Autumn of 1940, the Government realized that air-raid shelters on the surface did not offer very good from the high explosive bombs. Deeper shelters were used. Caves were used in many parts of Britain. On September 21, 1940, the London Underground started to be used as an air-raid shelter. On the busiest night in 1940, 177,000 people slept on platforms. Many had bought sandwiches, thermos flasks, pillows, and blankets.
  • France surrenders to Germany

  • Axis Invades russia

  • Japan attack U.S pearl harbor

  • U.S Declares war on japan

  • U.S Declares war Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania

  • D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy, France

  • Germans began the battle of the buldge

  • U.S Marines invade Iwo Jima

  • Germany surrenders to the allies

  • First Atomic bomb Hiroshima

  • Second Atomic bomb drops Nagasaki

  • Japan surrenders