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IB history: Move to Global War

  • Japan: Perry

    "Black ships", end of isolation
  • Japan: Treaty of Kenaguawa

    Trade with US
  • Period: to

    Japan: Modernization

    Trying to modernize but after winning the war against Russia, still being seen as a 2nd class nation by the rest of the world
  • Japan: Emperor power reserved

    Reforms, Nationalization, Empire
  • Japan: Treaty of Tientsin

    Signed with China
  • Japan: Sino-Japanese war

    Japanese expansion
  • Japan: Anglo-Japanese Alliance

  • Italy: new president

    Giovanni Giolitti becomes prime minister
  • Japan: End of Japanese-Russo war

    Treaty of Portsmouth signed
    The first time an Asian country beats a western superpower
  • Japan: Korea invasion

    Korea invaded by Japan and forced to give in to the invasion. Using Korea for military bases to get closer to China
  • Italy: Mussolini joins the Socialist party

  • Japan seizes German possessions in Shandong

  • Italy: Red week

    There is unspread unrest
  • Italy: Neutral in start of WW1

  • Italy: Mussolini expelled, sets up newspaper

    Mussolini is expelled from the socialist party for his stance on the war, Mussolini sets up a newspaper II Popola d'Italia
  • Japan: "Twenty-One Demands"

    The "Twenty-One Demands" are made with China
  • Italy: Italy promised gains, treaty of London

    Italy is promised major gains by the Entente, Treaty of London
  • Italy: enters war

    Italy enters the war against Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • Italy: defeated in Battle of Caporetto

  • Japan: The Siberian Expedition

  • Germany: Keiser Wilhelm abdicates

    Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates and Ebert takes over as president of the new Weimar Republic
  • Germany signs armistice

    Germany signs armistice to end WW1
  • Italy: wins Balle of Vittorio Veneto

  • Japan: Treaty of Versailles

  • Japan: Versailles confirms Japan war gains

    The Treaty of Versailles confirms Japan's war gains
  • Germany: Spartacist uprising

  • Period: to

    Italy: widespread socialist unrest

  • Italy: Mussolini found Facist party

  • Germany: Treaty of Versailles signed

  • Italy: no major gains from Versailles Settlement

  • Germany: Hitler joins the German Worker's Party

  • Italy: elections

    Italian elections are held and the Socialist Party and Catholic Party gain the majority of votes but fail to form a government
  • Period: to

    Italy: widespread Fascist violence

  • Germany: The Kapp Putsch

  • Japan: Washington conference

  • Italy: King appoints Mussolini prime minister

  • Italy: Fascist party established under Mussolini

  • Germany: French troops occupy the Ruhr

  • Germany faces hyperinflation

  • Germany: Dawes Plan implemented

  • Italy bombards Corfu

  • Germany: Beer Hall Putsch

  • Italy gains the Fiume

  • Japan: Peace Preservation Law

  • Italy signs the Locarno Treaties

  • Germany: The Locarno Treaty

  • Japan: Hirohito emporor

  • Albania becomes Italian protectorate

  • Germany joins the League of Nations

  • Italy: Mussolini encourages Croatian seperatists

    Mussolini encourages Croatian separatists who want to break free from the newly created state of Yugoslavia
  • Italy: Mussolini encourages Arab nationalists

    Mussolini encourages Arab nationalists who challenge the British and French Empires
  • Germany signs the Kollogg-Briand Pact

  • Italy: Mussolini encourages Macedonian separatists in Yugoslavia

  • Germany: The Young Plan

  • USA: Wall Street Crash

  • Germany: Death of Stresemann

  • Germany: Nazi Party gains

    The Nazi Party gains 18.3% of the votes in the Reichstag elections
  • Japan: Manchurian crisis

    Puppet state, military, raw materials, railway incident, Kaotong army, militarized
  • Germany: Unemployment reaches 4.9 million

  • Japan: League investigation

    The League of Nations decides to set up a Commission under Lord Lytton to investigate the Mukden incident
  • Japan: Chinese bombing, revolt, assassination

    Japan bombs the Chinese districts of Shanghai, army officer revolts, prime minister Inukai is assassinated
  • Germany: Nazi Party gains

    The Nazi Party gains 37.4% of the votes in the Reichstag elections
  • Japan: Doctrine, report

    The USA issues Stimson Non-Recognition Doctrine. The Lytton Commission publishes its report.
  • Italy: colony of Libya is subdued

  • Japan: Manchikuo created

  • Germany: Hitler appointed Chancellor

  • Japan leaves the League of Nations

  • Germany: Hitler introduces programme

    Hitler introduces programme of rearmament
  • Italy: Mussolini proposes Four Power Pact

  • Germany: Hitler leaves Disarmament Conference

    Hitler leaves the Disarmament Conference and announces the intention to withdraw Germany from the League of Nations.
  • Germany signs non-aggression pact w. Poland

  • Mussolini meets Hitler in Venice

  • Italy: sends troops to Austria border

    Italy sends troops to its border with Austria to prevent Hitler's attempts at Anschluss
  • Germany: Saar Plebiscite

  • Germany: Stresa Agreement

  • The Stresa Conference

    A conference between Britain, France, and Italy. Together these countries formed the “Stresa Front” against German aggression, but their decisions were never implemented
  • Anglo-German Naval Treaty

  • Italy invades Abyssinia

  • Japan: Pact, election, coup, domination of government

    Japan signs the Anti-Commintern Pact with Germany. Election results in the Minseito Party in government. An attempted coup takes place in Japan, in favor of Kodo-ha. The start of Tosei domination of government.
  • Japan: Second United Front

    Second United Front established between the GMD and the CCP in China
  • Germany: remilitarization of Rhineland

  • Italy conquers Abyssinia

  • Italy: intervenes in Spanish Civil war

  • Germany: sends military support to nationalists in Spain

  • Italy: Mussolini talks of joining Axis agreement

  • Italy joins Axis agreement w. Germany

  • Germany: Anti-Comintern Pact w. Japan

  • Rome-Berlin Axis

  • Japan: Marco Polo, war

    The Marco Polo Bridge Incident. The beginning of Sino-Japanese war
  • Italy: accepts status quo in Mediterranean

    An unofficial agreement is made with Britain accepting the status quo in the Mediterranean
  • China appeals to League, USS Panay sunk

    Cina Appeals to the League of Nations after the Marco Polo incident. USS Panay is sunk by the Japanese
  • Italy: Mussolini impressed by Hitler

  • Italy: joins Anti-Comintern Pact

    Italy joins the Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and Japan, an anti-Soviet alliance
  • Italy withdraws with League of Nations

  • Japan: Bill, Co-Prosperity Sphere

    The National Mobilization Bill. A proposal for the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere is announced.
  • Japan: Loans

    The USA gives loans to the GMD
  • Italian and British agreement

    Britain recognizes Italian Abyssinia
  • Hitler visits Mussolini

  • The Munich Conference

  • Japan: Association, party ban

    The Imperial Rule Assistance Association is formed. All political parties are banned in Japan
  • Japan: Trade deal is cancelled

    The USA starts an embargo on Japan and the trade deal is canceled
  • Italy: Mussolini announces long-term programme

  • Italy invades Albania

  • Italy and Germany signs the Pact of Steel

    Military alliance
  • Italy declares itself non-belligerent

    Italy declares itself non-belligerent when Germany invades Poland
  • Japan: Puppet ruler, pact, demand

    Japan sets up Wang Ching Wei as the puppet ruler of Manchukuo. Japan signs the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy. Japan demands access to bases in Vietnam from the French
  • Italy invades Egypt and Greece

  • Italy declares war on Britain and France

  • Japan: Non-aggression pact

    Japan signs the Non-Aggression Pact with the Soviet Union.
  • Italy declares war on Soviet Union

  • Japan: Invasion

    Japan invades the rest of Indo-China
  • Japan: Occupation, frozen assets, total trade embargo

    Japan occupies southern Indo-China. The USA freezes Japanese assets. A total trade embargo is imposed by ABD powers
  • Japan: Oil embargo

    A total oil embargo imposed on Japan by the USA
  • Japan: Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
  • Italy declares war on USA