Great depression


  • Great depression

    Great depression
    The market crashed that left millions without jobs. This is called to be the beginning of WW2
  • Britains appeasement of Germany

    I couldnt find anything about this.
  • Japan conquers Manchuria in Northern China

    Japs attact chinas troops in Manchuria
  • Roosevlt first elected president

    Roosevlt first elected president
    This is when FDR came to office. He later died of cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor
    Hitler is voted to become the chancellor. Now Hitler has all power. Later he makes the SS and they go around killing jews in camps.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    Nuremberg Laws
    A whole group of ministers discussed the ecnomic effects of party action against jews.
  • Hitler and Mussolini form the Rome-Berlin Axis

    Hitler finds a ally in Benito Mussolini
  • Germany invades Austria

    Germany invades Austria
    Germany invades Austria, Hitler commands them too.
  • Kristallnacht

    9-10. A series of corordinated attacts against jews though out Nazi Germany.
  • Germany and Soviet Union have a nonaggression pact

    They met up and signed a pact
  • Germany invades denmark

    Invaded them by land, sea, and air.
  • Japan joins the Axis Powers

    Signed in Germany it estaslished the axis powers of WW2
  • Tuskgee Airmen

    Tuskgee Airmen
    AF were aloud to fly in the war
  • lend lease act

    lend lease act
    This set up a system that would allow the united states to lend or lease war supplys to any nation
  • Germany invades Soviet Union

    Codename: operation barbirossa, Largest germany military opertion of WW2
  • Germany air force

    ended may 21 1941. More than 100 tons of explosives were dropped. 37 weeks long. Also known as the blitz
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The japs went in and bombed pearl harbor. Theykilled many people and broke a lot of boats and airplanes
  • Rosie the riveter

    Rosie the riveter
    Girls could work on airplanes and boats in WW2
  • Jap americans incarceration

    Jap americans incarceration
    The WW2 interment in war relocation camps of about 110000 people of jap heritage who lived in pacific coast of the US
  • Bataan death march

    Bataan death march
    People walked to death
  • Battle of midway

    Battle of midway
    distoryed japan navel strength when america destoryed 4 of its air craft carryers
  • British forces stop the Germany advance at El Alamein

    Was a battle of the western deserts fought on the northen coast of egypt between the axic forces
  • Guadalcanal

    The landing was unopposed took 6 mouths to defeat the japs
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    To make the biggest atomic bomb possible to drop on the Japs
  • German forces surrender at Stalingrad

    German forces surrender at Stalingrad
    They surrender while fighting Soviet Union
  • Final Solution

    Final Solution
    Nazis began to make gettos and send the jews off to camps to work and then die. They kiled the kids first and let all the middle aged people to work.
  • Germany invades poland

    Germany invades poland
    Germany went in to invade poland
  • DDay

    US went in on shore. In 4 differnt spots. US won.
  • Battle of the bulge

    Battle of the bulge
    Hitler told the only maor german counter offensive of the war in NW Europe
  • Yalta

    When FDR, Winstron chruchill, and Joseph Stalin
  • Iwo Kima

    Iwo Kima
    US fought Japs empire for Iwo jima and US won
  • Okinawa

    ended: june 22 1945.
    82 days long. American vs. Japs
  • FRD dies

    FRD dies and truman becomes new president.
  • Formation of United Nations

    April 25 1945-50 nations met in San Francisco to discuss new peacekeeping organizations to replace the weak and ineffective League of Nations
    June 26-1945- all 50 nations ratified the charter creating a new international peacekeeping body known as the United Nations
    President Roosevelt had urged Americans not to turn their back on the world again
    Unlike the League of Nations the United States is a member of the united states
  • Allied Forces advance on Berlin, Germany surrenders

    Allied Forces advance on Berlin, Germany surrenders
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Japs

    Atomic bomb dropped on Japs
    2 bombs were dropped. In all they killed about 110000 people.
    after they dropped both of them japs surrenderd.
  • Japan invades China

    They fought beacuse they both had a rage on eachother, also they were fighting for some land.
  • Jap officials sign an offical letter to surrender on the USS, Missouri, end of WW2

    the end
  • Numberg Trials

    November 20 1945-october 1 1946
    24 defendants, most were Hitler’s top officials
    Hermann goring- creator and head of gestapo
    Charged with crimes against humanity
    19 found guilty 12 sentenced to death
    People are responsible for their actions even in wartime.
  • Marshall Plan

    Congress approved secretary of state George Marshall plan to help boost European economies
    The US gave more than 13 billion to help the nations of Europe get back on their feet.