WW2 Timeline- Alaina Cass

  • Geneva Convention

  • Neutrality Act

  • Nuremberg Act

  • Japan Invades China

    -brought Japan into the war
    -realized japan had the same intentions as germany
  • Kristallnacht

  • "cash and carry"

    -brought america into the war
    - the united states became the resources of the allies
  • Blitzkrieg

    -made it easier to attack enemy
    -less death
  • Hitler breaks stalin agreement

    Hitler breaks stalin agreement
  • Nonagreement Act

  • Poland delcares war on Germany

  • Great Britain declares war on Germany

  • Poland ceases to exist

  • Hitler invades denmark, norway, netherlands, belgium, and luxebourg

  • soviet union annex baltic states

  • France delcares war on Germany

    France delcares war on Germany
    -joins becuase its allies with poland
    -started attacks two weeks later
    -expanded the war
  • luftwaffe and RAF bombings

    -Germany shot down Great Britain airfield defense systems
    - Britain won battle a the tides turned for them
  • Tripartire Pact

  • Lend-Lease Plan

  • Executive Order #8802

    -prohibited racial and ethnic discrimination
    -created more jobs and more equality
  • US cutoff trade with Japan

    -america cutoff trade because japan invaded Indochina
  • Atlantic Charter

    -established rules for countries to follow to prevent war
    - commonality of purpose
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

  • Us delcares war

  • selective training service act

    selective training service act
  • U-Boat Attacks

  • Executive Order #9066

  • Bataan

    -US vs Japan
    - most devastating military defeats
    -symbol of Japanese brutality
  • Midway

  • El alamein

  • Hitler invades and splits France

  • Stalingrad

  • Island hopping strategy

  • Korematsu vs US

  • D-Day

    -forced the Germans to fight a two front war again - made germany struggle becuase they couldnt fight two front war
  • liberation of the concentration camps

  • Yalta Conference

  • Iwo Jima

  • potsdamn conference

  • atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima

    atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima
  • atomic bomb dropped on Nagaski

  • V-J Day

  • Period: to


    -ruined German army -marked hope for end of war