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World War Two

  • Germany invades Poland

    In hopes of expansion Germany invaded Poland
  • Period: to

    World War Two

  • Britain, Australia, New Zealand and France declare war on Germany

  • The German Navy is attacked by the Royal Air Force

  • The United States declars its neutral in the war

  • Canada joins the war

  • Germans bomb the Scapa Flow naval base

    This base was located near Scotland
  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

  • Nazi forces invade France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

    While this is going on Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister
  • Holland surrenders

  • Hungary joins the Axis

    Axis is the force against us, such as Germany and the Nazis
  • Belgium surrenders

  • Italy declares war on Britain and France

  • Norway surrenders

  • France signs an armistice with Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler tours Paris

  • The Battle of Britain begins

  • German makes their first air raid on London

  • First British air raid on Berlin

  • Italy invades Egypt

  • The R.A.F win the Battle of Britain

    R.A.F - Royal Air Force
  • Pact signed between Germany, Italy and Japan

    This is a large turning poin in the war
  • Germany invades Romania

  • Italy invades Albania and Greece

  • Romania joins the Axis

  • British forces arrive in Greece

  • Germany invades Greece and Yugoslavia

  • Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany

  • Operation Brevity begins

    This is the British counter-attack in Egypt
  • Sinking of the British ship Hood by the Bismarck

  • Greece surrenders to Germany

  • Sinking of the Bismarck by the British Navy

    Just a little payback
  • Allies invade Syria and Lebanon

  • Operation Barbarossa begins

    Germany attacks the Soviet Union right as Operation Barbarossa begins
  • Germans invade the Ukraine

    A mutual assistance agreement is agreed on between British and Soviets
  • German siege of Leningrad begins

  • First experimental use of gas chambers at Auschwitz

  • The Germans advance on Moscow and Operation Typhoon begins

  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

  • The United States declares war on the Axis powers

  • Italy and Germany declare war against the United States

  • Britain surrenders Hong Kong to Japan

  • First of the American forces arrive in Great Britain

  • Singapore is invaded by Japan and over 25,000 POWs are taken

    POW- Prisoners of war
  • All US forces on the Philippines surrender

  • America wins the naval Battle of Midway

    Four Japanese aircraft carriers are sunk
  • Mass murder of Jewish people at Auschwitz begins

    The gas chambers were used to kill massive ammounts of people
  • Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy and joins the Allies

  • Battle of Stalingrad begins

  • Operation Torch is put into motion

    This is the US's invasion of North Africa
  • Battle of El Alamein begins

  • The Soviet offensive against the Germans in Stalingrad starts

  • Germans lose the battle at Stalingrad

    This is the first major defeat for the Germans
  • Germans withdrawl from Tunisia, and Africa

    This allows the Allies to invade Italy
  • German and Italian troops surrender in North Africa

  • Allies land in Sicily, this starts Operation Husky

  • Italy surrenders to the Allies

  • Germans rescue Mussolini who re-establishes government

  • Allies enter Naples, Italy

  • Italy turns on its allie and declares war on Germany

  • Soviets re-capture Kiev

  • Allied land in Anzio

  • Siege of Leningrad ends

  • Allies bomb the monastery at Monte Cassino

  • Bombing continues

  • Bombing continues

  • Last day of bombing

  • Soviets capture Odessa

  • Germans surrender in Crimea

  • Germans retreat from Anzio

  • Allies land on the coast of France, this is the D-Day landings

  • The US captures Cherbourg

  • Soviets re-capture Minsk

  • Allies capture Caen

  • Assassination on Hitler fails

  • Operation Cobra is set into motion

    Allied breakout from Normandy begins
  • Operation Dragoon begins

    Allied invasion of Southern France
  • Allies free Paris

  • Germans abandon Bulgaria

  • Soviets capture Bucharest

  • Boulogne is liberated

  • Calais is liberated

  • Athens liberated

    Rommel commits suicide in this batte
  • Belgrade liberated

  • Surrender of Axis forces in Greece

  • Battle of the Bulge begins

  • German forces withdraw from Ardennes

  • Soviets take Warsaw

  • Japanese are pushed back to the Chinese coast

  • Soviets liberate Auschwitz

  • US landings on Iwo Jima

  • Allies liberate the Buchenwald and Belsen concentration camps

  • President Roosevelt dies leaving Harry Truman to become President

  • Germany surrenders in Berlin to the Red Army

  • The United States drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    This 20 kiloton bomb nicknamed 'Little Boy' kills over 80,000
  • Russia declares war on Japan

  • The United States drops a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki

    This 22 kiloton bomb nicknamed 'Fat Man' kills over 70,000 people
  • The Japanese surrender ending WW2