World War II

  • Japan takes over Manchuria

    Japan takes over Manchuria
    Japan is lead by Militarists. The Japanese are hurting and look to solve their problems by invading Manchuria. Japan withdraws from the League of Nations.
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia
    Italy takes over Ethiopia and Hitler realizes that he too can take control of other nations. Hitler looks to invade the Rhineland.
  • Japan invades China

    Japan invades China
    Japan makes a bold move by invading China. Warnings are sent across the world about Japan's strive for power. Initiates WWII in the Pacific.
  • FDR gives his Quarantine Speech

    FDR gives his Quarantine Speech
    This speech called for an international "quarantine of the aggressor nations" as the new idea America will follow rather than neutrality. This is one of the first steps America takes towards war.
  • Anschluss

    The idea that Hitler has to reunite Germany and Austria. Hitler wants all German speaking countries to unite. Violates the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    A meeting that included Germany, Great Britain, Italy, & France and was missing the USSR and Czechoslovakia. Great Britain agreed to give Hitler the Sudentenland and in return Hitler would stop seeking more power.
  • Kristallnacht

    Nazis raid Jewish homes and businesses. "The night of broken glass." AN early warning to the world of the horrid plans Hitler had for the Jews.
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia

    Invasion of Czechoslovakia
    Hitler invades and takes over all of Czechoslovakia. He disposes of the agreement made at the Munich Conference.
  • Italy invades Albania

    Italy invades Albania
    Italy is a facist government country and invades Albania. This battle laster from April 7-15 and Italy annexed Albania in the end. Agressiveness is starting in already.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    Hitler wants world power and looks to take over the world. Invading Poland is his first move. This marks the beginning of World War II.
  • Soviet invades Poland

    Soviet invades Poland
    The Soviet Union invades Poland. Soviet is in agreement with Hitler.
  • Passing of the Lend-Lease Bill

    Passing of the Lend-Lease Bill
    The US will supply the Allies with materials for war. This angered Germany, Japan, and Italy. Extremely aggravates Japan.
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    Because France surrendered to Germany, Hitler looked to invade the British. After Hitler did not succeed like he wanted he postponed the invasion on September 17th giving Britain a second chance.
  • Italy invades France

    Italy invades France
    Italy invades southern France after just entering the war on June 10th.
  • Stalingrad

    The Germans invade the Soviet's city of Stalingrad. Very blood battle. USSR ends up capturing several German soldiers. Hitler and Stalin's relationship is ruined. The USSR joins the Allied Powers.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Japan attacks America because of the new tax policies FDR put into place. America enters the war.
  • Battle of the Coral Sea

    Battle of the Coral Sea
    First Pacific War fought. Fought entirely by planes over Australia. Victory for the Allies although the Japanese sunk more ships.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    Midway is a naval base for the US. Japan tries to attack but America is ready. Midway is damaged but still operational and vital to the US during the war.
  • Operation Torch

    Operation Torch
    Allies invade the French owned Northern Africa. British & American forces work together. First action made by US in WWII.
  • D-Day

    Allies invade Normandy, France. Results in the Allies freeing Western Europe from Nazi control.
  • Battle of Leyte Gulf

    Battle of Leyte Gulf
    US, lead by MacArthur, vs. Japan. Largest Pacific Battle. Victory for the US.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Hitler attacks Allies in order to gain the Belgian Port. Allies are caught off guard and a "bulge" forms in their line. Hitler's last major offensive in the war.
  • Bombing of Tokyo

    Bombing of Tokyo
    The United States drops a bomb on Tokyo as a way to warn them that they need to surrender. This was simply an act of war and was no where near as effective as the bombs that would come later.
  • Iwo Jima

    Iwo Jima
    Allies invade and capture Japanese island in order to have a closer naval base to Japan.
  • Okinawa

    Bloodiest battle of the Pacific island battles.
  • Death of FDR

    Death of FDR
    President Franklin Roosevelt of the United States passes away due to a brain hemorrage. Vice President Truman is sworn into office.
  • Death of Adolf Hitler

    Death of Adolf Hitler
    Hitler committs suicide.
  • V-E Day (Victory in Europe)

    V-E Day (Victory in Europe)
    Marks the Allies victory in Europe and the END of WWII.
  • Potsdam Conference

    Potsdam Conference
    Truman, Stalin, and British leaders issued the death call to the Japanese. "Surrender of be destroyed."
  • Bombing of Hiroshima

    Bombing of Hiroshima
    The United States dropped the nuclear bomb (first atomic bomb used) on Japan.
  • Bombing of Nagasaki

    Bombing of Nagasaki
    The United States drops the second nuclear bomb on Japan.
  • Complete end of WWII

    Complete end of WWII
    Japan surrenders & signs the Instruments of Surrender. The entire World War II is ended.