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World War 2

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    world war 2

  • Adolf Hitler takes control of Germany

    Adolf Hitler takes control of Germany
    Hitler a totalitarian leader who is a part of the Nazi party and fascist leader. He used German's fusteration with the Treaty of Versailes to gain his power
  • Congress passed the first Act of Neutrality

    Congress passed the first Act of Neutrality
    provided oppents opportunity to flourish without resistance from the US, The US also failed to support our allies
  • Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War
    Group of Spanish officers led by Franco Fransisco rebelled aganist the Spanish republic. Many historians believe the Spanish Civil War was a "dress rehersal" for WWII
  • Japan invades China

    Japan invades China
    This invasion initates the start of Worl War II in the Pacific.
  • Germany's Union with Austria

    Germany's Union with Austria
    Hitler and the rest of the Nazi Party marched into Austria unopposed. The rest of the world did nothing even though Germany blatently went against the Treaty of Versailles
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    Conference held in Munich, Germany where leaders of Great Britian, Fance, and Italy. Appeasment- Hitler recieved part of Czechoslovakia if he would stop taking neighboring land.
  • Nonaggression Pact

    Nonaggression Pact
    Germany and the Soviet Union sign a secret agreement to not attack one another.
  • Germany attacks Poland

    Germany attacks Poland
    German airforce rained bombs, and other military force in large Poland cities. This initates World War II in Europe
  • Great Britian and France declare War

    Great Britian and France declare War
    Both countries are honoring their guarantee of Poland's border and declare war on Germany
  • Germany invades Denmark and Norway

    Germany invades Denmark and Norway
    Denmark surrenders on the day of the attack but Norway holds out until June 9
  • Germany attacks western Europe

    Germany attacks western Europe
    France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium are all invaded by German soldiers May 10 - June 22, 1940
  • Italy enters the war

    Italy enters the war
    Italy officals enters the war and invades southern France on June 21, 1940
  • Battle of the Brittan

    Battle of the Brittan
    air war- The Royal Air Force vs. Herman Luftwaffe. Ended in defeat for Nazi Germany
  • Bulgaria Joins the Axis

    Bulgaria Joins the Axis
    Bulgaria joins Germany, Japan, and Italy (and all other Axis powers) to gain power and territory after the war
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa
    Nazi Germany and other Axis powers except for Bulgaria invade the Soviet Union
  • Pearl Harbor Bombing

    Pearl Harbor Bombing
    Japenes troops bomb Peal Harbor
  • United States Declares War

    United States Declares War
    The Unites States declares war on Japan the day after Pearl Harbor bombing finally entering into World War II
  • Axis partners declar war on the United States

    Axis partners declar war on the United States
    Nazi Germany and the rest of their allies offically declare war on the U.S.
  • Japan Island-Hopping

    Japan Island-Hopping
    Between August and November, US troops halt the Japanese island hopping advance towards Austrialia
  • German massive tank attack

    German massive tank attack
    Germany launces a massive tank offenvie near Soviet Union. The Soviet UNions blunt the attack within a week and begin an offensive plan of their own
  • Pietro Badoglio leader in Italy

    Pietro Badoglio leader in Italy
    Fascist Grand Council in Italy elects news marshall named Pietro Badoglio to form a new government for the italians
  • Open "Second Front"

    Bristish and US troops successfully land on Normandy beaches of France. This opens acts like another front against Germany
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    The Germans launch a final offensive in the west. To attempt to re-conquer Melgium and split the Allied forces along the German border. The Germans are in retreat in Januray of 1945
  • Soviets encircle Berlin

    Soviets encircle Berlin
    The Soviets launch their final offensive and encircles Berlin
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Hitler shot himself in the head while in the same room with his new wife Eva Braun who commited suicide at the same timw by swallowing a posion capsule. After their death, SS burned their bodies
  • Allied troops conquer Okinawa

    The allied troops conquer this island which is the last stop beofre heading to the Japanese islands
  • V-E Day

    Victory in Europe- the war in Europe is over. Germany surrenders to Europe
  • Germany surrents to Soviets

    Germany surrenders to the Soviet Union a day after surrendering to Europe and soon after Hitlers Death
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb
    The United States drops this atomic bomb destryoing the entire city and even cities around it. This bomb killed many and caused much damage. Hiroshima- August 6. Nagasaki August 9
  • End of the War

    End of the War
    Japan formally surrenders ending World War II offically. The U.S. agreeed in unconditional surrender on August 14