Timeline of World War II

  • Germany starts the BlitzKrieg

    Germany begins to attack Poland by using the BlitzKrieg which carries on until the 3rd.
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Poland is invaded by Germany, WWII starts.

    Poland is successfully invaded by Germany which causes Neville Chamberlain to declare war on Germany, also France, Austrailia and New Zealand declare war on Germany.
  • South Africa declare war on Germany

    South Africa declare War.
  • Canada declare war on Germany

    Canada declare war.
  • The Soviets take Poland

    After signing a cease fire with Japan the USSR take Poland from the East.
  • Germany take Denmark and Norway

    Germany successfully invade Denmark and Norway causing Denmark to surrender on the day but Norway keep fighting until the 9th of june.
  • Winston Churchill become Prime Minister

    Due to the ignorance of the Norweigen campaign Neville Chamberlain was replaced by Winston Churchill also the allies take Iceland so Germany can't invade.
  • Germany attacks Western Europe

    Germany attacck Western Europe and take Luxembourg.
  • Germany enter France

    Germany invade France and try to conquer it but France fight back with extra power and help from Britain and Belgium.
  • Holland Surrenders

    Holland Surrenders to germany
  • The Dunkirk Evacuation

    Over 400,000 French and British troops were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk.
  • Belgium surrender

    Belgium surrender to Germany
  • Norway surrenders

    After almost a month of fighting norway finnaly surrender to Germany.
  • Italy enter and The war in Africa begins

    A war between the axis and allies start in the Northen territory of Africa and Italy have declared war on France and Britain.
  • Germany seize the capital

    Germany enter and take Paris.
  • Italy invade Southern France

    Italian Troops invade from the Southern part of France.
  • France surrender

    France finally surrender to Germany after a lot of blood shed and amass number of deaths.
  • Germany take the Channel Islands

    Germany take the Channel Islands the only British soil the would ever conquer.
  • The Battle of Britain starts!

    German Luftwaffe and the British RAF planes circle the skies of British summer engaged in deadly Dogfights, the skies are lit with fires and gunshots.
  • The Battle of Britain end!

    After a long fight until the death in the skies, the battle of Britain finally comes to an end.
  • The Blitz

    In the late summer breeze the people of Britain were enjoying themselves, but the siren went off and flocks of german bombers showered the city of Londons with a barrage of bombs
  • The Axis powers is officially formed

    Germany, Japan and Italy sign a Tripartite pact which unites them as one power, the Axis Powers.
  • Italy invade Greece

  • Axis grows

    Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join the Axis powers!
  • Bulgaria joins the Axis

  • Germany take Greece

    Germany invade Greece and Yugoslavia.
  • Germany Invade Russia

    Russia fights Germany back as thier army invades.
  • Peral Harbour is attacked

    The Japanese target the American naval base of Pearl Harbour causing them to lose warships and sailors, the Japanese used a method called Kamikaze to attack.
  • America Enters the second world war

    America declare war on Japan, so Italy and Germany declare war against America cauing America to fight in the second World War.
  • Japan takes the Phillipines

  • Japan takes Singapore

    Many Allied soldiers are taken prisoners of war by Japan and Singapore is lost to japan!
  • The battle of Coral Sea

    The two countries were engaged in a naval war.
  • The Allies start bombing Germany.

  • The War in Africa is Won

    The Allies take back Egypt.
  • Italy surrender to te Allies

    Italy finally surrender t the Allies after knowing they will lose if they are with the Axis!
  • Italy changes heart

    Italy decides to change it's sides.
  • Rome is free

    The Allies decide to free Rome due to Italy's change of heart.
  • D-Day

    D-Day was the day when allied soldiers were delivered to French beaches to take France back and to drive the Germans back, it was originally planned for the 5th of June but was cancelled due to bad weather.
  • Allied forces land in Southern France

    Allies land near Nice in Southern France!
  • Allied troops reach Paris

    Allies fight back the Germans in Paris!
  • Allies enter Germany

    US troops enter and start fighting in Germany!
  • Soviet's final offence

    The Soviets fight the German all the way back to Berlin encircling them.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide due to the fact that he knew that Germany was slowly losing the War!
  • VE Day

    Germany surrendered the day before and the secon World war finally ends in Europe.
  • The first Atomic Bomb

    America drop the world's first Atomic bomb on theJapanese City of Hiroshima, the bomb completely flattens the city and leaves thousand f people dead and many more injured from the nuclear radiation.
  • The second bomb is dropped

    The second Atomic bomb is dropped in the city of Nagasaki in Japan, 'Little Boy' killed over thousands of people.
  • VJ Day

    After six years of war against the Allies Japan finally gives in. Causing VJ day which marked the victory in Japan!
  • The war is over

    After six years of intenses bloodshed and the loss of over millions of lives the second World War was officially declared over!