• Non-agression pact

    Germany and the Soviet Union sign Non-agression pact.
  • Poland Invaded

    Germany Invades Poland, so England and France declare war on Germnay, starting WWII.
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Finland Invaded

    Finland is invaded by the Soviet Union starting the Winter War.
  • End of The Winter War

    This date marked the end of the war between Finland and the USSR
  • Germany Invading

    Germany has invaded countries such as Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg from April to May.
  • Germany Conquers France

    Germany succesfully takes control and ocupies France Using over 1000 warships and other boats.
  • Italy Invades Greece

    The Italian leader greedy for power watching Germany, attemps to invade Greece, but Greece successfully holds off the army.
  • Germany controls Greece and Yugoslavia

    Germany now has control in Greece and Yugoslavia.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Germany starts its invasion of the USSR and surrounding countries with success.
  • Jewish Genocide

    Jews and other undesired prisoners were exected or enslaved on a large scale, being put into concentration camps, most famously Auschwitz.
  • Pearl Harbour Bombed

    The Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour, while also attaking the Philipines, Guam,Thailand, and Shanghai
  • US Enters the War

    Pearl Harbour is bombed and the US declares war on Japan thus entering the war.
  • Darwin Bombed

    Japanese carrier planes bomb Darwin. Japan also takes control of Java.
  • US Aids Australia

    First US troops arrive in Australia.
  • Germans Surrender

    Germany Surrenders in Stalinguard, with the USSR beginning an offensive.
  • US Codebreakers

    The US gains the upper hand in the Pacific War when they decode an extremely helpful message.
  • Italy Surrenders

    US and British forces Invade mainland Italy in order to gain control, Italy surrenders but Germany takes over.
  • US Gains Upperhand

    US submarines and ships attack many Japanese ships.
  • Paris Liberated

    French and American troops liberate Paris.
  • Athens Liberated

    Greek and British troops liberate Athens.
  • Prelude to Greek Civil War

    With Armies withdrawing from Greece two parties arise, Pro-Western (Democratic), and Pro-USSR (Communist).
  • Belgium Falls

    USSR invades Belgium street-by-street.
  • Hitler Dead

    Adolf Hitler commits suicide.
  • Germany Surrender

    Germany has fallen.
  • Atomic Bombing

    Atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima (Aug 6), and Nagasaki (Aug 9).
  • Japan Surrenders

    Japan surrenders, and officially on September 2nd.