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  • Recruits Sent to War

    Recruits Sent to War
    32000 men were recruited and sent war from Canada to fight for their empire and win the war. The british did win the war which doesn't matter because this lead to the many death of soldiers due to being in experienced to combat or from the advanced tactics of the Germans. (-2)
  • Billy Bishop & Aircrafts

    Billy Bishop & Aircrafts
    Billy bishop was one of the finest pilots of the war and took Canada farther into the air force because taking off and landing was a very big accomplishment for Canadian pilots in 1914 as being new to aerial combat. He helped encourage others to join the airforce which really shows because by the end of the war about a quarter of the british air force was canadian but this also lead to more deaths. (1+)
  • Jeremiah Jones

    Jeremiah Jones
    He amongst the very few black soldiers who was a great fighter who established his name during the fight of Vimy Ridge by saving his unit from the machine gun of the Germans. He had done this and gained some respect but many other black soldier were treated roughly, his own LC col W.H. Allan had seven said, "Neither my men nor myself would care to sleep alongside them, or to eat with them, especially in warm weather."
  • Enemy Aliens

    Enemy Aliens
    After the war the many citizens whose mother countries were against the british empire were discriminated against. Even the government showed lots of racism by enabling the "War Measures Act" against nationalities such as Ukrainians, Germans, Austrians, Hungarians and Croatians. This act "allowed police to arrest and imprison people without charging them and people born in enemy countries like those listed above could be deported easily without trial" and called these citizens "Enemy Alien".
  • Conscription

    The Military Service Act is an conscription to make french Canadians to obligate in joining the army to serve the british empire in the war. The conscription is irrational because you can not force someone to risk their life, the people under this act also have a family also maybe the only source of income for their family. (-1)
  • 20's "Flappers", Protest Against Sexism by Women

    20's "Flappers", Protest Against Sexism by Women
    “Flappers smoked in public, drank alcohol, danced at jazz clubs and practiced a sexual freedom” to receive the rights they deserve, they played a huge role to obtain them. They also wanted the respect of men to be looked as equals but that wasn't as easily or as quickly obtained. It makes me think this was a very heroic act that brought a positive change in society,but they weren’t fully brought to justice just yet. (+1)
  • Jazz Revolution

    Jazz Revolution
    Booze was banned in many parts of North America outside of Quebec, popular for it’s bars, Jazz made its way the city. Where many people liked the new style of singing on the lives of the black citizens of North America. Thanks to their singing the black Jazz musician started to receive respect from the white community. This was an unique way some of the black community got recognition of their work and respect for what they do by the white citizens of this time. (+2)
  • Canadian Inventions

    Canadian Inventions
    There were many things invented such as the band-aid, telephone, radio, etc. This is a big part of the industrial revolution for Canada, which consists of things we now continue to use in our daily lives. (+2)
  • Canadian Independence in War

    Canada gained independence from the request that Britain made to send soldiers into fights the Turkish by going through the parliament instead of filling the request right away. This was a good decision Canada had take because they help the british alot in the war and should be able to take their own stand to decide if they should participate in the fighting for Britain. (+2)
  • Sikh Families Immigration

    Sikh Families Immigration
    A law was passed allowing Sikh women and children of male immigrants come along. Still faced some discrimination. This is a better for the diversity and inclusion, but they still face lots of discrimination. (+1)