Canada: 1840-1891

  • Start Of The Great Migaration

    (Exact Date Unknown). From this time to 1860 huge waves of people immigrated to Canada, for mainly 3 reasons. First The Potataoe Famine, This was when all the potatoe crops failed in Ireland, the people were starving.They took huge boats wich earned the nickname of Coffin Ships, due to the large numbers of deaths aboured them, to Canada. Though, even when they got there,an estimated 50 people died a day. Next was
  • Great Migaration P2

    Next, was the Underground Railroad, This was a secret way for escaped slaves from the United States to run away to Canada, where they would be free. Hariet Tubman is one of the most famous people involved with this, she made nineteen trips to Canada, and no one who went with her ever died. The last reason of the Great Migaration is the Gold Rush. This was when American Miners all came to Canada in search of one thing, gold.At least 20 000 miners showed up in only the first wave.
  • Period: to

    Canada Timeline: 1840-1891

  • Britain Begins to Loose Preference Of Canada

    Britain Begins to Loose Preference Of Canada
  • Britain Taking All Of Canadas Troops For War

    Britain was at war with Russia in what would be known as the Crimean War. For this war, Britain was taking a large amount of Canadas troops, leaving Canada no way to protect itself from the United States or Fenian raids.
  • The Treaty Of Recriprocity is Signed

    On this date, Canada and the United States signed the Treaty of Recriprocity, which states that certain goods can be traded between countries without taxes.
  • Bytown is Renamed

    on January 1rst in 1855, Bytown was renamed Ottawa, this city, would one day become Capital of Canada.
  • John A. Macdonald is Premier

    (exact date uknown) John A. Macdonald, became Premier of the Province of Canada. He would one day be Prime Minister, so this was a big deal, almost like his first step.
  • Ottawa is Capital of Canada

    (exact date unknown) In 1857 Queen Victoria herself chose the city of Ottawa as Capital of Canada. though John A. Mcdonald and George Cartier may have had somethign to do with it.
  • Death of Isabella Macdonald

    Isabella Macdonald was the first wife of John A. Macdonald, who would one day be the first Prime Minister of Canada. She became ill not long after theirv marraige and developed an addiction to opium.
  • House of Commons Construction

    ( exact date unknown) This year the construction for Canada's House of Commons began.
  • The Trent Affair

    The Trent Affair, one of then external reasons for Confederation, was when a U.S. ship stopped a British ship called the Trent and arrested two British officials, then put them in jail in Boston. This brought Britain to the verge of war with the United States.
  • United States Threatening Canada

    (exact date unknown) The U.S was seeming more eager to attempt to take over Canada. Holding on to Manifest Destiny, the belief that the States would take over all of North America. As the Civil War continued, those in the North of the States were setting their sites on Canada.
  • Macdonald Cartier Government Falls

    The Conservative Party led by John A. Macdonald and George Cartier's Government has fallen. This allows their enemies, the Liberal Party led by George Brown, to step in.
  • Macdonald Cartier Great Recoliation

    On this date John A. Macdonald and George Cartier formed the Great Recoliation Government.
  • The Charlottetown Conference

    The Charlottetown Conference
    From September 1rst to September 8th, there was the first of the 3 Conferences that led to Confederation. It took place in Charlottetown and was called the Charlottetown Conference.It was considered one of the first steps to Confederation. By the end of the Conference it is decided there will be a rail way from the Maritimes to Canada and they will meet again in Quebec in October.
  • The Quebec Conference

    The Quebec Conference
    The Second Conference in the steps to Confederation. At this Conference the Seventy to Resolutions of the B.N.A. act are decided.
  • End of Reciprocity

    (exact date unknown) In 1865 the United States cancelled the Treaty of Reciprocity that was described earlier, which resulted in a severe loss of trade.
  • Macdonald, Cartier, Brown,and Galt to negotiate Confederation

    It is decided that John A. Macdonald, George Cartier, George Brown, and Alexander Galt will all be at the London Conference to negotiate Confederation.
  • The London Conference

     The London Conference
    The last of the three Conferences. At this one they discussed the resolutions of the last Conference and how the government of Canada would be governed.
  • John A. Macdonalds Second Wife

    On this date John A.Macdonald married Agnes Bernard, his second wife.
  • Queen Victoria gives assent

    On this date Queen Victoria gave her assent to the B.N.A. act, basically giving permision for Canada to be a country.
  • ~Canada is a Country~

    ~Canada is a Country~
    On July 1rst, 1867, the Province of Canada became a country. With John A. Macdonald as its Prime Minister.
  • Sir John A. Macdonald

    As well as being the day Canada was pronounced a country, July 1rst was also the day John A. Macdonald was knighted by Queen Victoria.
  • Death Of Thomas D'arcy Mcgee

    Thomas D'arcy Mcgee was an Irish supporter and Father Of Confederation.Also close friend of John A. Macdonald. He was assasinated by an Irish Fenian in Ottawa.
  • First Census

    On this date, the first Canadian Census was taken. A Census is a survey or count of population in a certain place. Canada's first had a total of 3 689 257.
  • P.E.I. Joins Canada

    Even though Prince Edward Island hosted the Charlottetown Conference, the first step to Conferderation, it did not join Confederation in 1867. It was content under Britain's rule. John A. Macdonald tried many bargains to get them to join and it wasn't till P.E.I. faced a major financial crisis in 1873 that it finally agreed.
  • Federal Election

    Federal Election
    On this date was the first federal election since Canada becamce a country. At this election Alexander Mackenzie's Liberal party beat John A. Macdonald's Liberal-Conservatives.
  • The Supreme Court of Canada

    On this date the Supreme Court of Canada was created. The Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in Canada and the final court of appeals in the Canadian justice system.
  • Federal Election

    The second Federal Election was held and Sir John A Macdonald's Conservatives won by majority.
  • The Death of George Brown

    The Death of George Brown
    On this date, George Brown was shot and killed by a disgruntled employee named George Bennett.
  • Oh Canada

    On this date, our national athem, "Oh Canada" was performed for the first time ever, another big step for Canada as a country.
  • The Royal Society Of Canada

    The Royal Society Of Cananda is the seniour national billingual group of Canadian Scholars, Humanists, Scientists, and Artists, whos goal is to promote learning in art, science,and humanities. It was created on the 30th of December in 1882
  • Electric Lights in the Parliament Building

    On this date the Parliament Building got it's new Electric Lights and turned them on for the first time. Up until then it and many other buildings at that time used gas lighting.
  • North West Rebellion

    From March 26th to June 3rd 1885 there was a series of uprisings from the Metis people and led by Louis Riel against the Government of Canada. A total of six battles were fought and recorded.
  • Louis Reil Executed

    On this date, Louis Reil, leader of the North West Rebellion was executed in Regina, Saskatchewan.
  • Parliament Buildings

    Parliament Buildings
    On this date, the Parliament Buildings of Canada were opened on Parliment Hill in Ottawa.
  • Federal Election

    Once again Canada had a Federal Election and Sir John A Macdonald's Conservatives win again.
  • Federal Election

    On this day Sir John A Macdonald's Conservatives win their third consecutive majority.
  • Death of Sir John A. Macdonald

    Death of Sir John A. Macdonald
    On June 6th, 1891, John A. Macdonald dies in office. He was the first Prime Minister of Canada.Fought hard for it's Confederation and was Prime Minister for a total of 6,934 days. The longest time anyone has been in power in Canada.
  • Sir John A Macdonald is Buried

    On this day Sir John A Macdonald was buried in the State Senate Chamber.
  • New Prime Minister

    Following the Death of Sir John A Macdonald, Sir John Abbott became the new Prime Minister.