WWI Peace Negotiations

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    WWI Peace Negotionations

  • German Unification

    German nationalism played a large part of Prussia and the German kingdom unifying into a single nation.
  • Franco-Prussian War Ends

    France had to sign a treaty to the Germans and had to give up some territory.
  • Tripple Alliance Formed

    Austria- Hungary, Germany, and Italy formed an alliance together if they were attcked either by France and Russia.
  • Wilhelm II Becomes Kaiser of Germany

    Wilhelm II became Kaiser and trippled spending on warships. This caused other countired to fear the Germans.
  • First Moroccan Crisis

    France and Germany had coonial rivalry over who should control Morocco. This caused another crisis serveral years later.
  • Triple Entente Formed

    The Triple Entente was formed amoung Britian, France, and Russia to overthrow the Triple Alliance.
  • Second Moroccan Crisis

    Germany enforced its hold ny sending out gunboat patrols.
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War On Russia

  • Archduke Ferdinand Assasinated.

    A Bosnian shot the Archduke and his wife as the drove past him.
  • Ultimatum sent to Serbia

    Austria-Hungary demanded that Serbia must allow their oficials into Serbia to investigate murders.
  • Austria-Hungary Declares War On Serbia

    War broke out because Serbia did not agree to the ultimatum.
  • Russia Mobilized Its Troops

  • Germany Declares War On Russia

  • Germany Declares War On France

  • Britain Declares War on Germany

  • Japan Declares War On Germany

  • German Submarine Warfare