• Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

    When The World War began in August 1914 Some knew the conglict that lasted till christmas. On Nov 11 1918 a lot of peoples lives were taken in battel and the Western Front went silent. Although the fighting was still continuing somewhere else. But the people's emotional family members' reaction was emotional (National WWI Museum and Memorial, 2023).
  • Lusitania sink

    Who - The German submarin they want
    What - It sank and unfortunately many people has pasted away. Over 10000 people on that boat.
    Where - The boat was oragnity from New york and it sank When - On May 7, 1915 it was a boat.
    How - The German Submarin sank the Lusitania (National WWI Museum and Memorial, 2023)
  • Russian Revolution

    Who - The Bolsheviks,Ledby Russian Revolution and was recruiting people (MEN)
    What - In the two revolutions 1917 the first whice was in February. They overthrew the government.
    Where -
    When - The Russian Revolution of 1917
    How - They were amboished and followed from the government. (United Nations, n.d.)
  • Armistice of WWI

    Armistice of WWI
    In November 1918 between the allies and Germany they did not end ww1 itself so they stopped the fighting in the west front. WHY The germany in 1918 gained territory but then there supplies and reinforcement was wasted
    What: They wanted the German military to surrender in their supplies such as planes,ships and machine guns.WHAT the British and the French they all have different areas they pursue. WHERE it was in the front line and WHEN it was in November 1918 (Sawer, n.d.).
  • First meeting of the League of Nation

    First meeting of the League of Nation
    Who - Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    What - he wanted to contine on his league and now then he still doing what his uncle did.
    Where - The war started in 1914 and 1918 in the great
    When - When was it, it was in 1914 and 1918 during the great war.
    How - Franz uncle and had an army and lead them to war they wanted to battle (Greenspan, 2020)