• Prussia and German Kingdoms

    Bismarck makes Prussia and The German Kingdoms into a slingle nation.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Kaiser Wilhelm II becomes the ruler of Germany after his fathers death.
  • Queen Victoria

    Great Britain's Queen Victoria dies.
  • Russo- Japanese

    In the Russo-Japanese war Russia suffered a defeat.
  • Entente Cordiale

    In order to create a counterweight to the German Empire, the British decided to enter into an alliance with France called the Entente Cordiale.
  • The Moroccan Crisis

    It was Germany's effort to cause a conflict between france and Great Britain that just concluded an alliance.
  • Bosnian Annexanation crisis

    Austria-Hungary decided to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina that was formally a big part of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Italo- Turkish war

    A war between Italy and the Ottoman Empire destroyed the hopes of the Balkans being a great empire.
  • Balkan Wars

    The Balkan League turn against Serbia and Greece and the Balkan league defeated bulgaria.
  • Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

    Gavirio Princep killed the archduke and his wife.
  • July Ultimatum

    Austria hungary invaded Serbia which started WWI.
  • Ottoman Empire and Germany create an Alliance

    Ottoman Empire and Germany sign a secret treaty of alliance that lasted through WWI.
  • Germany declares war on France.

    Germany declares war on France.
  • Germany invades Belgium, which lead Britain to declare war on Germany.

    Germany invades Belgium, leading Britain to declare war on Germany.
  • Austria Hungary invades Russia.

    Austria Hungary invades Russia.
  • Germans sank the Lusitania

    The Germans sunk a cruise ship that had many people on it, without giving the innocent civilians a chance.
  • Zimmerman Telegraph

    The Germans sent a telegraph to the Spanish saying that when they won the war, the Germans would give them New Mexico and Texas. This lead to America joining the war.
  • U.S. Eneters War

    The US joined the war because of the sinking of the Lithuanian and because of the Zimmerman telegram it had intercepted. This is what mostly won the war for the Allied powers. The generals wanted the US to be like the big red one where all of the soldiers were trained as top notch soldiers, but Germany just about invaded Paris so the US had to go straight to war.

    1914-1917 Eastern Front
  • Eastern Front

    The Eastern front was not as big during the war as the western front. The Eastern front is where people fought with guns and horseback, but is was still not an easy way to live. The Eastern front also consisted of the Russian revolution that consumed most of Russia during the war.
  • Aviation

    Aviation played a big part in WWI killing many people. Kiffin Rockwell (a French aviation pilot) was the first man to shoot down a plane, and he was from NC. Then the Red Baron was a German aviation pilot who took down the most planes in WWI
  • Tanks

    Tanks played a big part in the war, going very slow and not an All terrain vehicle it was hard to get anywhere. But the guns the tank had took up for its speed.
  • German U-Boats

    They sunk millions of tons of cargo and they are why the Germans had such a strong Naval Core.
  • Western Front

    This is where chemical warfare, trench warfare and where the hardest conditions during the war took place. This is also where the Christmas Truce took place, where all the soldiers stopped fighting and exchanged gifts.
  • War at Sea

    There was no real decisive clash between battle fleets in World War I, but it still was a major impact during WWI. The German U-boats were what all boat were afraid of. The war at sea was 1 thing that brought the US into war
  • Armistice

    The day that the Axis powers surrendered was 11/11/1918 at 11:00. The last person to die was Privette Henry Gunter.
  • Cost of War

    November 11, 1918 was Armistice day. This day was celebrated for the coming home of all the soldiers of the war. This parade lasted for days and thousands upon thousands of people joined together in large cities to see the soldiers come home