• Dual Alliance

    Germany + Austro- Hungary create the dual alliance
  • Period: to

    The build of WWI and the WWI

  • The Triple Alliance

    Germany + Austro-Hungary + Italy creates the triple alliance
  • Dual Alliance

    France + Russia create dual alliance
  • Australia Federates

    Australians states federates
  • The Alliance

    France and Britain allain
  • Triple Entente

    the triple alliance between Britain, France and Russia
  • Assination of Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand was assinated in Serbia
  • Demands from Austro-Hungary to Serbia

    Austro-Hungary presents 10 demands to Serbia
  • War on Serbia

    The Austro-Hungary declares war on Serbia
  • Russia backs Serbia

  • Germany declares war on Russia

  • Germany invaides France through Belgium

    Germany puts the schieffen plan into action
  • Britain declares war on Germany

    Brtiain was allied with Belgium and when Germany attacked Belgium
  • Austro-Hungary declares war on Russia

  • Japan declares war on Germany

    they did this because they were allied with Britian
  • Turkey Joins the Triple Alliances

  • Italy enters the war with the triple entente