WW2 Timeline

  • Japan Invades China

  • Period: to


  • Germany Incorperates Austria

  • Period: to

    Germany Incoperates Austria

  • Germany Invades Poland

  • Great Britian and France Declare War On Germany

  • Soviet Union invades Poland

  • Italy invades France

  • Battle of Britain Starts

  • Battle Of Britain Ends Germany is Defeated

  • Period: to

    Nazis invade and dismember Yugoslavia

  • Period: to

    Nazi Germany Invades the Soviets

  • Soviet Counter-Strike Germans from Moscow

  • Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor

  • America declares war on Japan

  • Germany Declares War on America

  • British Bomb Koln

    First Strike on Germany
  • British defeat the Germans and Italians

  • US Troops halt The Japanese Island Hopping Advances towards Austrailia

  • German Launch a Massive Tank Assault on the Soviet Union

  • British and US Troops Sucessfully land on Normandy

  • Allied Troops Reach Paris

  • FDR Drops Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki

  • Soviets Launch Final Offensive in Circling Berlin

  • Hitler Commits Suicide

  • FDR Drops Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima

  • Japan Surrenders