WW2 Timeline

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    WW2 Timeline

  • Hitler's First "Saturday Suprise"

    Hitler's First "Saturday Suprise"
    Hitler had picked this weekend for when British leaders were away. On this day, he started to rebuild the German air force, reinstate the draft, begin to "rearm the nation". Hitler told the world it was purely "defensive measures".
  • Hitlers' Second "Saturday Suprise"

    Hitlers' Second "Saturday Suprise"
    On his second "Saturday Suprise", Hitler called the British and French's bluff by marching his soldiers into the Rhineland. This was the second time Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailes, and if the anyone acted, Hitler would never get public favor again.
  • Anschluss

    Anschluss is the uniting of Germany and Austria. Hitler invites Austrian prime minister to a secret meeting place where Hitler insulted and yelled at him to join Germany. They invaded on March 11 and no one disagreed.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Hitler was very interested in an area called the Sudentenland, which was an area of Czechoslovakia that was inhabited by mainly Germans. Hitler demanded for this land from British and French leaders. They ended up allowing him to ouccupy it, and this is now known as the Apeasment and the reason why why governments do not bargain with terrorists.
  • Hitler-"annihilate" the jewish race

    Hitler tells the Reichtag that people are being hipocritical saying that Germany mistreats Jews. He also decides that he needs to "annihilate" the jewish race in Europe. Two months later, he makes a pact, that he eventually brakes, that says he will not invade 30 countries.
  • Hitler attacks Poland

    Hitler attacks Poland
    Nazis took several Polish prisoners outside (dressed in Nazi uniforms) and shot them outside the Gleiwitz concentration camp. They claimed that Poland had attacked Gleiwitz, which allowed them to press into Poland with a "reasonable" cause.
  • Yellow Stars

    Yellow Stars
    At the end of 1939 (No date specifically), All jews in Poland were subject to were yellow Stars of David that read "Jude", to indicate they were Jewish. All jews were subject to roll call in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • France topples

    On this day, Germany had controlled everywhere in western Europe except Britain. This is huge for Germany for it is their extreme rival.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Hitler orders the attempt to invade Russia to destroy it, once and for all. He wants to get rid of the "Jewish-Bolshevik menace". Jews had no idea that it was coming either, they were "remarkably ill-informed" according to a intelligence reports.
  • Hitler declares war on the U.S.

    Hitler declares war on the U.S.
    On this day, Hitler officially declares war on the U.S.. This is just three days before the US declared war on the Japan for Pearl Harbor, and Japan asked Germany for help the next day.