• Germany Invades Poland

    Germany Invades Poland using Blitzkrieg tactics.
    This event helps start WW2
  • Period: to


  • Britain and France Declare War on Germany

    The war has offically started.
  • Canada Declares War on Germany

    Canada joins the war whithout being forced to.
    Canda doesn't want to use conscription
  • British Troops flee Dunkirk

    The British Government asked anyone and everyone with a boat to go to Dunkirk and pick up the troops.
  • France Surrenders to Germany

    France Surrenders after the evacuation of Dunkirk
  • Battle of Britain

    Germany Bombs Britain hoping for a surrender, Dogfights happen all over the sky.
    "Never was so much owed by so many to so few"
    -Winston Churchill
  • Japanese Attack U.S. Fleet at Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and causes massive damage to some ships.
    Brings the U.S. into war
  • U.S. Enters The War

    The U.S. declares war on Japan (3 days later on Germany) after the attack on Pearl Habor.
    The worlds superpower is in the war now.
  • Battle of Hong Kong

    Canadians fight the Japanese in Hong Kong.
    Many Canadians died or became P.O.W.s
  • Canadian Troops Arrive in Hong Kong

    Canadians arrive in Hong Kong and are attacked by the Japanese
    A lot of Canadians died defending the city
  • Canadians Vote 3 to 1 for conscription

    Canadian Priminster Mackenzie King has to go back on his promise of no conscription.
  • Dieppe Raid Ends in Disaster

    Canadian troops storm the beach of Dieppe, but the invasion was a total failure.
    Taught allies how not to do a beach invasion.
  • Allies Invade Sicily

    The Allied Forces start to invade Sicily.
    Canadians earn the nickname mountian men from climbing a cliff to get to the enemy
  • D-Day: Britain, America, and Canada Storm the shores of France

    Allies start to push the Germans out of France.
    Largest planed attack in human history
  • VE Day ( Victory in Europe ) Germany Surrenders

    Germany surrenders after Adolf Hitler Commits suicide.
  • U.S. Drops Atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    America doesn't want to invade Japan but wants them to surrender.
    The begining of the Cold War
  • U.S. Drops Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki

    Japan didn't surrender after Hiroshima was bombed so the U.S. droped another.
    Again the begining of the Cold War
  • VJ Day (Victory in Japan) Japan Surrenders

    Japan surrenders after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki