By Ray-ray
  • Hitler's birthday

    Hitler's father used to beat his mom him and all his sibling's.
  • Mother died

    Witness' say he spend hours drawing his mom while she lay on her death bed.
  • Hitler in injured by a gas attack.

    In WW1 Hitler was a regimental runner. He was given 6 medals of bravery. he was recovering in the hospital when he heard Germanysurendered.
  • REturned to civilian life

    He blamed other's for Germany's surender. He was very upset, many fighting in WW1 thought they were going to win.
  • Hitler joined the Nazi party

  • Hitler becomes Nazi party leader

    After the gas attack, his voice wasn't the same. Some say it was hipnotice.
  • Hyperinflation

    THis was a great time for the Nazi party to get more memebers.
  • Hitler's failed take overof the goverment

  • While Hitler is in jail, the nazi's loss representation

    Also at this time, the Germany goverment had gotten GErmany back on track. (1924-1929)
  • Hitler's book first goes on sale

  • Stock market crash

    This caused German to fall into a depression. Thousand's were without job's. This made it easy for the Nazi party to get people to join their group.
  • Hitler is named Prime Minister

  • Germany's parliment burned down

    This is believed to be done by the nazi's.
  • Death of the presidant of Germany

  • Hitler declares himself dictator