WW1 timeline activity

  • Kaiser declares “open season” on ships

    Kaiser declares “open season” on ships
    Germany uses u boats to sink all ships
  • assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    assassination of Franz Ferdinand
    A serbian teenage nationalist guns down Franz Ferdinand
  • Great War begins

    Great War begins
    ww1 begins
  • Lusitania sank

    Lusitania sank
    Germans sank Lusitania that was a civilian ship carrying americans on board
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Somme

    First battle of ww1
  • Wilson re-elected

    Wilson re-elected
    Wilson re-elected
  • Zimmerman note intercepted

    Zimmerman note intercepted
    Germany tells Mexico to declare war on Germany
  • US declares war on Germany

    US declares war on Germany
    us declares war on germany
  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service Act
    A compulsory enlistment of men to join the army
  • Espionage Act Passed

    Espionage Act Passed
    People are not allowed to speak freely during wartime
  • Russia pulls out of the war

    Russia pulls out of the war
    Russia has a revolution and is forced to leave war
  • Flu epidemic

    Flu epidemic
    A extremely dangerous type of Influenza
  • Fourteen Points speech

    Fourteen Points speech
    A speech made by Woodrow Wilson
  • Sedition Act passed

    Sedition Act passed
    designed to protect america's participation in ww1
  • Convoy system

    Convoy system
    Ships travel in packs for a greater chance of survival
  • Germany signs armistice

    Germany signs armistice
    It ended the fighting on the western front