WW1 Timeline

By LHall
  • Period: to

    The Great War

  • Alliances

    Alliances where made between the six major powers. One was the triple entente and the other was the triple alliance. The entente was great britain, france and russia whereass the triple alliance was germany italy and austria-hungry. These alliances put the two sides against each other and they became quiet enemies. This affected the war long term because this already indicated battle and short term because the people felt good knowing they had allies and raised morale.

    The great war started because of many reasons but a big contibuting factor was the assasination of franz ferdinand who was the leader of austria-hungry. He was touring serbia when a group of men shot him which led to austria-hungry invading serbia. Great britain had said that if they did this they would declare war so they did. This was long term because it was one of the reasons for war and short term because Austria-hungry where angry thier hier had been killed.

    Invasion started after the assasination of franz ferdinand when austria- hungry invaded serbia and germany invaded belgium. Great britain told germany and austria-hungry that if you invade belgium or serbia we will declare war. So the triple entente engaged war.Britsh,russian and french forces where mobilised and sent into tackle the invaders. this was long term because it started the battles and war and short term because peoples countrys were being invaded and they were very scared

    The battle of the somme was one of the longest and bloodiest battles in history and is still regarded today as the worst. The somme was a part of belgium where britains and germanys front lines are only a few hundred feet apart and where there was a stalemate that went on for over 5 months with over one million dead by both sides. Britain lost 420,000 with 60,000 on the first day and the french lost 200,00. The germans lost nearly 500,000 men in 5 months.
  • Tanks

    Tanks where first used in the battle of the somme where they made a massive differance for the british who made them. They could just stroll through no-mans land and took many towns and villages. thier succses did not always happen as theysometimes sank or fell into craters where the crews died of disorientation. They where made by simple minded designers with the power to think practicly. they made a long term impact because they one the war and they made a short term affect of amazing the men
  • long and short term events of the somme

    The long term effects are that lots of people died and lots of people would have been grieving over dead friends or family. The short term effects are The countries where held at stalemate.