ww1 technology timeline

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    new technologies in ww1

  • Anti-Aircraft

    before the war people started realizing that it would be hard to shoot down a plane with just a rifle so they created anti-aircraft guns the first to create this was Germany in 1909
  • Farman Aviation

    Farman Aviation
    Henri and Maurice Farman started their aviation company in Boulogne-sur-Seine these were the first planes created and used in ww1 they made two models the MF-7 and MF-11 these were widely used by the Allied Forces at the beginning of the war.
  • Submarines

    At the start of ww1 every navy acquired a submarine however the early models were small and questioned of their military value the German Deutschland class u-boats were used in excession during the later part of the war.
  • Chlorine Gas!

    Chlorine Gas!
    During World War one, chlorine gas became very popular in usage. This powerful gas was created, by the German army to be used against the French. However the French were the first to have record of gas usage in the August of 1914. The gas they used was not as deadly as chlorine gas but it acted as an irritant which still worked to their advantage. Seeming as gas masks were not invented yet, soldiers would urinate onto a cloth and put it to their nose in order to survive
  • Railroad guns

    Railroad guns
    in 1915 Fritz Rausenberger had mated several modified naval guns designs with railroad mountings which would be the first in a series of long range railroad guns.
  • The Armored Tank

    The Armored Tank
    Mr. Swinton created the first armored tank it had a top speed of 4 mph
    a reverse feature,was able to climb hills and could hold a crew of 10 had 2 machine guns and 2 pound guns it was nicknamed "Little Willie"
  • The Flame Thrower

    The Flame Thrower
    Richard Fielder created various flame throwers for Germany these were used for clearing enemies from the trenches. At first they had a range of 25 meters but later had a field of 40 meters
  • Renault FT-17 tank

    Renault FT-17 tank
    the Renault was created by French Canadian Rodolphe Ernst-Metzmaier . Ernest created a model of tank that would be used for all future tanks. This is significant to World War one because tanks are used as a shield, protection, transportation and as a form of weaponry during the war.