• Archduke Francis Assasination

    A group of Bosnian terrorists, trained by a Serbian group threw a bomb at Archduke Francis's car, the bomb didnt harm them, but anothr group waited ahead and shot Archduke Francis and his wife. It started a Eurpoean war.
  • Lusintania

    A U-boat sank the British Lusitania without warning. There were 1,198 people dead. Among those people, there were 128 Americans. After this happened, the U.S. still remained neutral, even though they were mad.
  • Sussex Pledge

    Germany kept attacking Britishh ships, either killing or injuring some of the Americans on the ships. German officials promised to sink no ships. In march 1916, the broke the promise and sunk the Sussex, Wilson threatened to break off diplomatic powers with Germany if they didnt stop. The Sussex pledge was now made. Germany promised to stop sinking ships, but only if the U.S. would force Britain to end its illegal blockade.
  • War to End All Wars

    Wilson did a speech to the Senate declaring that he wanted to find a way to stop all war in Europe. He kept to the Sussex pledge, but broke off all diplomatic relations with Germany.
  • Zimmerman note

    Arthur Zimmerman, the German foreign secretary, wrote a note to the German ambassador in Mexico on Jan, 19, 1917. It was intercepted by Britain. The note said that if the U.S. entered war, than Mexico and Germany should become allied powers. Germany would then help Mexico regain "lost territory in New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona." This pushed the U.S, to there limits.
  • Wilson's War Message

    Wilson spoke to a special session of Congress. He reminded the Law makers of the loss of life by the German U boats, and the attacks hurt the nations ability to trade freely. He asked congress to declare war.
  • WW1

    People protested to stay mutual, and not go to War. On April 4th, 1917, the Senate voted 82 to 6 to declare war on Germany. The United States was going to war.