• The assasination of Franz Ferdinand

    The assasination was the main cause of WW1. He was murdered on his trip to Sarajevo, Austria Hungary. A group called The Black Hand had planned to murder Franz, but it was too crowded so they didnt manage to. However a man called Gavrilo Princip was in a lane, when Franz's car reversed towards him. He made two shots. One hit franz's pregnant wife and the other hit Franx in the neck. This had a massive effect on the War because it was the main cause.
  • Womens involvement in WW1

    When the men went off to fight in the war, the women took over the men's jobs they had. They were employed in engirneering, goverment, trams, buses, office workers etc. Many women were also involved in the Red Cross during WW1. They helped with the injurys of troops. The were a massive part of WW1 because without them the businesses that men were employed in would have gone bust if the women had not taken over their jobs.
  • The Battle Of The Somme

    The British joined with the French in this battle to fight against the Germans. The Battle Of Somme was one of the biggest battles of WW1. It took place on the Somme River in the north of France. This battle had a massive effect on the War because alot of people died in it. Neither side really won the battle, but the French and the British won some of the ground, however lost the most men.
  • WW1 Art

    WW1 Art
    Many art pieces from the war show how horrible the war was. This one especially brings out how hard it was for women and families to say goodye to the men. The art of WW1 had quite a big effect after the war because it shows different opinions of the war. It also gives us an idea on what it was like during the war.
  • The Armistice

    The treaty for the end of the war was signed on a Monday on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918. It was named 'Armistice Day', however it has been changed to 'rememberance day' in Canada and 'Verterans Day' in The US.