• Adolf Hitler - Leader

    Adolf Hitler - Leader
    Adolf Hitler is the leader of the NAZI Party. He had the gift of speech, “Silver Tongue '' He said what the people needed to hear. He said that Germany was a Aryan Supremacy, he promised if he had TOTAL control he would save things (economy, food, etc..)
  • Beginning of WW2

    Beginning of WW2
    It started on September 1, 1939. Hitler wanted to conquer lands. Nevil Chamberlain gives an appeasement to Germany. Take over Rhineland and only Rhineland. Adolf Hitler agreed to the appeasement but kept on going, he didn't want to stop. So he kept on taking land and that started World War II.
  • End of WW2

    End of WW2
    Harry Truman went into power. He decided to do the “Potsdam Declaration” - “Manhattan Project” - Atomic Bomb. He told Japan to surrender or there will be consequences (destruction) Japan didn’t care. August 15th Japan surrendered and that was the end of World War II.