Wu-tang clan

  • put on trial

    put on trial
    RZA is put on trial for attempted murder after shooting a man. RZA claims self-defence. He faces eight years in prison but is found not guilty
  • wu tang becomes known

    wu tang becomes known
    The Wu-Tang Clan first became known in 1993 following the release of the independent single "Protect Ya Neck"
  • C.R.E.A,M

    the result of a slow build. "C.R.E.A.M.," released in early 1994, was the single that put them over the top
  • ol dirty comes out with solo album

    ol dirty comes out with solo album
    Ol' Dirty's solo album Return To The 36 Chambers features his maniacal improvisational style and off-key singing.
  • investing in the group

    investing in the group
    With the help of his brother, RZA buys five acres of land to build the wu manshion.
  • the ODB gets arrested

    the ODB gets arrested
    ODB is pulled over by four plainclothes police officers for driving erratically without his headlights on. When he gets out of the car, officers allege that when they identify themselves he starts shooting at them.
  • methed man gets married

    methed man gets married
    Method Man marries his long-time girlfriend, the inspiration behind his biggest hit "All I Need."
  • R.I.P ODB

    R.I.P  ODB
    O.D.B was a well known member of the wu-tang clan who passed away on november 13, 2004
  • cominig to fame

    cominig to fame
    in 2008, About.com ranked them the No. 1 greatest hip hop group of all tim
  • a better tommorow

    a better tommorow
    the wu tang clan comes out with 'a better tommorow' album