Worst Case by James Patterson, fiction,356 pages

  • 90 pages read

    We have met the antagonist (no name yet) and our two main characters (Detective Michael Bennett and Agent Emily Parker). So far the story is about a man that wants to make a difference in the world, but when he tries to hand out flyers to get the word out, he fails horribly. He then decides that he wants people to pay attention by kidnapping rich kids. He gives them a test on the world's issues and kill them if they fail. So far he has killed one kid. Fiction:Mystery -- 1-90 Total: (693)
  • 87 pages read

    A second kid has been killed, this time its a girl. Feelings are starting to surface between Bennett and Parker. Now, they are investigating a third kidnapping. Although this case is slightly different, the kid is in a wheelchair and the kidnapper got in touch through email asking for money. the trap is now set. Fiction:Mystery -- 91-178 Total: (780)
  • 88 pages read

    The trap failed and the kidnapper got the money. He has now killed another kid. We now know the kidnapper is Francis Mooney. They now believe he is armed, dangerous, and has explosives. Fiction:Mystery -- 179-266 Total: (868)
  • 90 pages read

    We now go into the final step. Mooney has broken into a school, shot a coach, and took three kids and wrapped himself and the three kids in explosives. He then just walks right into the NYSE (new york stock exchange) because one kid was the the security gaurd's kid. Bennett then has a great plan and saves the kids while killing Mooney. Fiction:Mystery -- 267-356 Total: (958)