Hitler giving speech

World War II Timeline

  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. He was the only surviving child of Alois Schickelgruber and Klara Hitler, aside from his various half-siblings. Growing up, he dreamed of one day becoming a priest and gifted artist. He was against animal cruelty and protected animals. He had close Jewish friends, and even a Jewish doctor who had treated Hitler's mother when she had Breast Cancer.
  • Adolf Hitler Continued

    Adolf Hitler Continued
    Isabelle The fact that a Jewish doctor let his mother die may be a possible reason for Hitler's hatred of the Jews. After serving in World War I and earning two iron-crosses, Hitler became Reich Chancellor and Führer or "leader" of Germany in 1933. To the knowledge of researchers, Hitler never physically visited a concentration or death camp. He committed suicide on April 30, 1945 at the age of 54.
  • Maximilian Kolbe

    Maximilian Kolbe
    Maximilian KolbeKate Viera Maximilian Kolbe was born on January 8,1894 in Poland. He was a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar. He went to college in Rome where he studied philosophy, theology, mathematics, and physics. He got a doctorate in both philosophy and theology in 1915. In 1918 he was ordained as a priest. At the beginning of World War II, he hid 2,000 Jews from the German Gestapo.
  • Maximilian Kolbe Part 2

    Maximilian Kolbe Part 2
    Maximilian KolbeOn February 17,1941 he was arrested by the German Gestapo and brought to a concentration camp. Later on May 25, 1941 he was maved to Aushwitz. He was given the number 16670. In July 1941 a man from his barracks want missing. To stop men from escaping, the Gestapo took ten men from that barrack and they were t obe starved on Death Block 13. One of the men selected cried out to his family, and at that moment Kolbe volunteered to take his palce. During the starving, Kolbe led the men in song.
  • Maximilian Kolbe Part 3

    Maximilian Kolbe Part 3
    Maximilian KolbeAfter 3 weeks of starvation and dehydration, only Kolbe and three other men were still alive. Kolbe was later murdered by injection of carbolic acid. The man who had gone missing from Kolbe's barrack was soon found dead, drowned in the latrine. On October 10, 1982 Kolbe was canonized as a saint by Pope John Paul II. He was also named a martyr.
  • Joseph Goebbels

    Joseph Goebbels

    Joseph Goebbels was born October 29,1897. He was raised with a very christian religion and although his parents hoped he would become a priest he became a writer. He was rejected many times but was finally accepted by Hitler. He made Joseph his propaganda chief in 1928. He was the one who banished any writers or journalists who were jews. He also instucted what was called a "Kristallnacht" that killed 91 jewish people, as well as destroying 7000 business and 900 synagogs.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Treaty of VersaillesKate The Treaty Of Versailles was signed by Gremany and other allied forces on June 28, 1919. There are 15 sections, 144 articles, and many annexes. It started being drafted in the early months of 1919. The final product came in April of that year, and was presented to Gremamy on May 7, 1919. Three weeks were alloted to Gremany to read and sign the Treaty. Even now, almost 100 years later, it is still a very controversial document. It supported the rise of the early Nazi's.
  • Treaty of Versailles continued

    Treaty of VersaillesKate This document took away about 13.5% of Germany's 1914 Territory. That took about seven million people out of their country. It took all overseas land and many other things. The German Army was limited to having only 100,000 men, they were no longer able to use gas, tanks, or airplanes. The German Navy also took some hits. They were not allowed to ship anything over 10,000 tons, and there was a ban on submarines. Even with all of these restrictions, the Germans still signed.
  • Mein Kampf

    Mein Kampf
    Isabelle Mein Kampf "Mein Kampf" or "My Struggle" is a two-volume autobiography written by Adolf Hitler. It is about the power of worship and showed hatred to non-Germans. In "Mein Kampf," Hitler explains his plans for the future of Germany, while assigning blame to those he hates. Adolf Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" while in prison for leading a Nazi attack to forcefully seize the German government.
  • Mein Kampf Continued

    Mein Kampf Continued
    Isabelle While in prison, in addition to writing his book, he practiced and perfected his public speaking skills. In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler said “Whoever wishes to win over the masses must know the key that will open the door to their hearts.” It did not take him long to figure out how to manipulate the people and it was far more powerful and effective than a forceful government overthrow. He was released by pressure from the Nazis, and "Mein Kampf" became the sacred book of the Nazi Party.
  • The Great Depression(effect on Germany)

    The Great Depression(effect on Germany)
    The Great Depression started on October 19,1929 when the stock market on wall street collapsed.
    Germany was very likely to be effected because the relied on foreign trade and loans from America. Millions of people lost jobs and all their money from their savings accounts. The value of the money significantly decreased as well. This lasted into the late 1940'
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
    Tara Kennedy
    Hitler was appointed chancellor by Pul Von Hinderburg, but he was not impressed with Hitler when they first met. Because of this he decided to run against him in the election and although he lost he still got 30 percent of the votes. And in 1932 he decided to appoint Kurt Von Schleicher, but he was only there for a breif amount of time. It wasn't until 1933 that he was finlly appointed chanceller, after his efforts since 1923.
  • Dachau Concentratin Camp

    Dachau Concentratin Camp
    Dachau Dachau Concentration Camp was the first concentration camp opened in Germany and was used as a model for all future camps. It was set up a few weeks after Hitler had become Chancellor. Dachau held about 4,800 prisoners, and many of them were shipped off to death camps. Prisoners at Dahau were forced to do physical labor including expanding the camp itself and creating products to help the Germans in war.
  • Dachau Camp Continued

    Dachau Camp Continued
    Other than being a place to hold prisoners, Dachau Concentration Camp was also used as a training center for SS concentration camp gaurds. Guards used the firing range and gallows in the crematorian area as a site for killing prisoners.
  • Berlin Olympic Games

    The Germans did a fantastic job of hiding their violence and hatered towards Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies. Most were fooled, but not all by there act. The games were Held from August 1-16, 1936. Some countries thought about botcotting the games, but all of them ended up attending: The Unites States, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Czechslovakia, and the Netherlands. While these countries still attended these games, many of their Jewish athletes refused to attend.
  • Berlin Olympic Games Continued

    GermanThere was only one athlete from Germany who was a Jew who was allowed to compete in these games. Helene Mayer was a fencer who got a silver medal in these games, on the podium she gave a Nazi salute. There were 49 teams present at these games, making it the largest Olympic Games at that time. The Germans had many posters for these games, but all of the athletes were Aryan, blonde haired, ble eyed, chiseled featured people. After these games, Hitler changed everything to the way it was before
  • Jewish Ghettos

    Jewish Ghettos
    Ghettos were sectioned off parts parts of the city that seperated Jews and non-Jews. The ghettos were over popuated and had terrible living conditions. Jews would live there until the germans either shot them or sent them to concentration camps.They built over 400 ghettos during WWII, the first built in October 1939. There were different kinds of ghettos, open, closed destruction.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl HarborKate
    Pearl Harbor is located on the Hawaian Island of Oahu. The U.S. had moved a whole fleet here so they could move and go to Japan if they needed to, but they would only strike if completely necessary. The U.S. was having talks of peace with Japan so this attack was a complete surprise and outrage to the American people. The Japanese had "planned" to attack the Indies, Malaya, and the Philippeans, atleast this is what they told the U.S.
  • Pearl Harbor Cont.

    Pearl Harbor Cont.
    On December 7,1941 just before 8 A.M. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. In just a few minutes 5 of 8 ships were sinking or had already sunk. Majority of our planes had been wiped out too. The wost part was there were more than 2,400 American dead. the Japanese did not just attack Pearl on this day, they also took out the U.S. Air Force in the Philippeans, and they had an Army on the ground in Malaya. This is the reason the the U.S. entered World War II. This outraged all Americans.
  • Hitler's Suicide Continued

    Hitler's Suicide Continued
    Hitler tested a drug, a cyanide capsule, on his dog Blondie and her puppies who all died before he took the pill himself. Hitler then proceeded to shoot himself in the head with a pistol. Both Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, participated in the suicide, and their bodies were cremated, as Hitler had directed his guards to do. The couple had been married only two days before the suicide, on April 28, 1945. Hiter was 56 years of age when he died.
  • Hitler's Suicide

    Hitler's Suicide
    Isabelle <a href='http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/adolf-hitler-commits-suicide-in-his-underground-bunker' >Hitler's suicide Adolf Hitler committed suicide in an underground shelter 55 feet deep on April 30, 1945. This shelter was located underneath his headquarters, which Hitler had built as chancellor. Hitler killed himself because he knew that he was only a couple of days away from being overthrown by Russia. Hitler's was warned to flee, but decided on suicide instead.