World War Two Events

  • Germany Invades Czechoslovakia

    Germany took control of the country when Adolf Hitler invaded it.
  • The Soviet-Nazi Pact

    An agrement that the two countries, Germany and the Soivet Union would not attack eachother.
  • The Invasion of Poland

    Germany invaded Poland marked the beginning of World War II
  • The Phony War

    Months after Britains and Frances declaration of war on Germany, both sides declared war but neither had done anything.
  • Canada Enters WWII

    Canada enters the second world war, the country's first independant declairation of war.
  • Germany invades Norway, Denmark, Holland and Belgium

    Germany invades the neitherlands and gains control.
  • The Invasion of France

    Germany successfully invaded France.
  • The Miracle at Dunkirk

    The evacuation of allied armies from the beaches of Dunkrirk, France.
  • The Battle of Britain

    Britain and Germany go to battle.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    Operation Barbarossa was Germany's code name for the Invasion of the Soviet Union.
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.