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World War Two

  • First Saturday Surprise

    First Saturday Surprise
    On March 8, 1935 Hitler did his first saturday surprise on everyone. It was on the weekened because hitler knew that everyone would relaxing. It was a surprise for the british leaders because the went to the country homes as a retreat.(reading 1)
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    world war 2

  • Second Saturday Surprise

    Second Saturday Surprise
    Hitler figured since it worked the first time why not again. So on March 7, 1936 he sent German solidersand fighter planes in Rhineland. He eventually took over Rhineland too.(reading 1)
  • Meeting of Threats

    By 1938 Hitler has alreday made truce with Italy and Austria. On February 12 Hitler had a meeting with the Austrian Prime Minister for almost 12 hours. During that meeting they were just throwing insults and threats at each other. Hitler eventually took over Austria and by doing that he igonred the Treaty of Versallies because the treaty said you can't take back lost land.(reading 2)
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    Hitler overpowers Czechoslovakia

    The summer of 1938 was a summer of plans. The germans throughout 3 months were planing for an evil plan to take over Czechoslovakia. They did a good job because they eventually took over it.(reading 4)
  • Hitler takes over Czechoslovakia

    Hitler takes over Czechoslovakia
    Two months after January 30, 1939 Hitler took over Czechoslovakia. Nobody stopped him not even the world leaders. But Neville Chamberlain did before he took over poland.(reading 9)
  • Nazis strike Poland

    Nazis strike Poland
    On August 31, 1939 the Nazis took prisoners from a concentration camp. They killed them in Poland. They told everyone that they were retaliating for a polish "attack ono Gleiwitz".(reading 15)
  • Nazi Bombing

    Nazi Bombing
    On September 2, 1939 Piotrkow was bombed harshly. The bombing went on for another day. In result of the bombing many public buildngs were destroyed. (reading 15)
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    Invasion of Poland

    The fall of 1939 was a big one for the Nazis and Hiter. They took over western Poland, and parts of central and southern Poland. Also to show their power and dominace they renamed that land to Warhtegau.(reading 16)
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    Hitler mad handles the Jews

    At the end of 1939 Hitler gains more power and control. He gains power and control over the Jews because he made EVERY single Jew wear a yellow star. He also gave the Jews a curfew and took them off the streets of Germany from 9 pm to 5 am. (reading 16)
  • The Fall of France

    The Fall of France
    In the spring of 1940 the Nazis turned to the west. They conquered Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Then on June 22, 1940 France fell. (reading 19)
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    On June 22, 1941 arranged an invasion on Russia. He invaded Russia to destroy "Jewish-Bolshevik menace". Hitler's killings became normal.(reading 20)
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, a United States headquaters. The U.S was very made and it started a lot of drama. Within the next week the U.S, Japan, and Germany went to war.(reading 21)
  • U.S vs. Japan

    U.S vs. Japan
    On Decemeber 8, 1941 the U.S declared war on Japan. They declared war on Japan because they had bombed Pearl Harbor. When Japan heard they asked Hitler for help.(reading 21)
  • HItler decalres war

    HItler decalres war
    Germany was not obligated to help Japan but Hitler wanted a fightso he decided to declare war on the U.S. So the U.S got Soveit Union and Britian on their side. They hardly agreed,but they worked hard to win.(reading 21)