World War Two

  • Hitlers saturday Surprise

    Hitlers saturday Surprise
    Hitler announced his first saturday Surprise to Europe. he stated that he was going to rebuild the German military. His main goal was to improve the airforce and navy.
  • Period: to

    Hitlers reign of Power

  • Hitlers second Saturday Surprise

    Hitler declared his second Saturday surprise to Europian countries. he stated that german troops and aircrafsts would take over the Rhineland. Accourding to the Treaty of versailles, which ended World war one, it said that no military group could occupy that region. Hitler ignored that agreement.
  • Hitler allies with Italy

    Hitler allies with Italy
    Hitler made an agreement between him and Mussolini the Italian dictator. It gave the support of his conquest to Ethiopia. it also gave the support of Hitlers plan to unite with Austria.
  • Hitler unites with Austria

    After Hitler signed the deal with mussolini he immediatly invaded Austria. After the invason the country held a vote to decide if the Germans xcould stay. 99.7% of the people said it was alright for germany to stay in their country.
  • Hitler targets Czechoslovakia

    Hitler targets Czechoslovakia
    In 1938 hitler addresses in a speech that he will take over Czechoslovakia and the border around it called the Sudetenland. Nevil Chamberlin, who was the prime minister of England predicted this was going to happen. however England and other countries wanted peace so they tried to appease Hitler. Eventually Hitler was successful of taking over Czechoslovakia.
  • Hitler states that other countries are hypocritical in their complaints that Germany mistreated jews

    Hitler made this statement clear in a speech that was meant for the Reichstag. Hitler says that Jews are the problem and he will not stop until the problem is solved. he also critizizes the United States because they have a theory of Eugenics and hoiw one race is better than another.
  • Hitler invades Poland

    Hitler invades Poland
    Hitler took a group of polish prisoners from a concentration camp and dressed them up in polish army uniforms. He thenb brought them into poland and had them shot. Hitler then ordered his army and the SS to invade Poland. This started World War Two.
  • Hitler's wrath on Piotrkow

    Hitler's wrath on  Piotrkow
    Hitler ordered the bombing odf the city of Piotrkow at eight thirty in the morning. The bombings continued to the next day destroying many buildings. Three days later hitler sends his army into the streets of Piotrkow and had them open fire on civilians. Many were killed and wounded.
  • Poland Surrenders

    On October sixth 1939 Poland surrenders to Hitlers army. After the horrific bombings of Piotrkow poland had enough. After the surrender Hitler then planned to make an attack on another european country.
  • Hitler conquers Denmark Norway and other countries

    Hitler conquers Denmark Norway and other countries
    By the end of the spring Hitler has conquered denmark and norway. He nearly has all of Europe in the palm of his hands. By june 22nd hitler takes over France. after he took over France he had Austria poland Czechoslovakia, Norway, Denmark, Luxemburg, and Netherlands in his control.
  • Hiemmler's plan for the Jews

    Hiemmler's plan for the Jews
    Heinrich Hiemmler had a terrible plan for the jews. By the end of 1939 he had all jews wear gold stars on their clothes and set a curfew. They couldn't be out later then 9:00P.M. Also Hiemmbler made a law that Jewish children couldn't go past the fourth grade in education.
  • Winston Churchill becomes prime Minister

    Winston Churchill becomes prime Minister
    After Nevil Chamberland steps down Winston Churchill becomes the prime minister of England. He did not like Hitler in the first palce and wants him stopped. He plans to have the British army ready for a war.
  • Hitler invades Russia

    Hitler invades Russia
    Hitler sends out the order to his generals to destroy the Jewish-Bolshevik menace. Hitler didn't like Jews and communists and Russia was communists and held many Jews. Hitler had the Einsatzgruppen to serve on the front lines of Russia. He had section A which was in the north. B which was central Russian fdront. C in the northern Ukraine. D in the southern Ukraine
  • US declares war on Japan

    US declares war on Japan
    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the US knew that they had to step in. They targeted Japan first because they were the main problem. It wasn't till later on in the year that they sent troops in Europe.
  • Hitler declares war on the US

    Hitler declares war on the US
    Hitler had all of Europe in his control. He had Russia almost defeated and had troops in North Africa. The only main enemy now was the US. Once he stopped the US he would win the war.