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World War II Timeline VTS E/LA

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    World War II Timeline

  • WWII Events: 1940 - Germany invades Denmark, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

    WWII Events: 1940 - Germany invades Denmark, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.
    1940 - Germany invades Denmark, Norway, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. All fall within weeks. They started their invasion of Denmark on January 28, 1940.
  • World Event: New Pope elected

    World Event: New Pope elected
    Pope Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli resigned from his position as leader of the Catholic Church and Pope Piux XII took over as head. He advocated peace and reconciliation.
  • World Event: El Centro Earthquake

    World Event: El Centro Earthquake
    On March 18, 1940, an earthquake occured in California near the boarder of Mexico. It had a magnitude of 6.9 and hit the Imperial Valley. It caused widespread damage to irrigation systems and led to the deaths of nine people.
  • Famous People: Bette Davis

    Famous People: Bette Davis
    She was an actor who starred in the movie Dangerous in 1940 and the Letter in 1941., Bette/Annex/Annex - Davis, Bette (Letter, The)_01.jpg
  • Famous People: Ted Williams

    Famous People: Ted Williams
    He was a famous MLB player and made the Hall of Fame. He made his on April 20, 1940 for the Boston Red Sox when we was only twenty. He batted a .406 batting percentage in 1941.
  • Famous People: Frank Sinatra

    Famous People: Frank Sinatra
    He made his all-star debut album called "High Hopes" with Harry James. He became an outstanding singer and musician and was a teen hearttrobe.
  • WWII Events: Battle of Britain

    WWII Events: Battle of Britain
    In the Battle of Britain, Germany suffers its first defeat in England, and abandons all of their invasion plans.
  • Inventions: Colored Televsion

    Inventions: Colored Televsion
    Peter Goldmark invents modern color television system.
  • Heritage: Thomas Vincent Stoll

    Thomas Stoll was my Grandpa. He was part of the Army Airforce and fought against the Germans in a 1940 airforce attack.
  • World Events: Olympics cancelled

    World Events: Olympics cancelled
    The Olympics were scheduled to start on September 21 1940 but they were cancelled for the first time in history. They were suppose to be held in Tokyo, Japan, but because of WWII they were cancelled.
  • Inventions: Jeep

    Inventions: Jeep
    The Jeep was originally designed by Karl Probst of the Bantam Car Company. It was an important part of the American war effort.The U.S. Army wanted an automobile that was fast, lightweight, and an all-terrain vehicle and that is what they got.
  • Heritage: Joe Bressers

    Joe Bressers is my cousin. He didn't fight in the war. However, he did supply infantry for the United States after Pearl Harbor was bombed.
  • Heritage: Robert Strehlow

    Bob Strehlow is my cousin. He was in the Navy and fought against the Germans. He was on the front line for the United States. He started fighting on February 19, 1941.
  • Inventions: Aerosol spray cans

    Inventions: Aerosol spray cans
    Aerosol spray cans were invented by American inventors, Lyle David Goodloe and W.N. Sullivan. It is a small can containing a liquid under pressure that forces the liquid out in an aerosol form when sprayed.
  • WWII Events: Germany invades Russia

    WWII Events: Germany invades Russia
    Germany invades the USSR, opening what becomes known as the Eastern Front.
  • World Events: Mount Rushmore is complete

    World Events: Mount Rushmore is complete
    The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. It contains the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.
  • Famous People: Katharine Hepburn

    Famous People: Katharine Hepburn
    She is a famous actress during the time period. She won many awards and nominations for Best Woman Actess. In one her more famous movies called "The African Queen," she starred in it and won many awards for her performance on November 14, 1941.
  • Heritage: Harvey Olson

    Harvy Olson is my great uncle that fought in the army. He was involved in the army during the Pearl Harbor attack. He fought back against the Japanese.
  • Heritage: Richard Waite

    Richard Waite was in the army. He fought and was stationed at Pearl Harbor. He is the manager of my grandma's building she lives in. He is a good friend of my grandma. He helped fight the Japanese on December 7, 1941.
  • WWII Events: Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbor

    WWII Events: Japan attacks USA at Pearl Harbor
    The Japanese Navy attacks the US Pacific Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. USA enters the war, opening the Pacific Theatre.
  • World Event: Women in US Navy

    World Event: Women in US Navy
    On January 12, 1942, Congress authorized women to serve in the US Navy and help out the country in the war.
  • Heritage: Ron Raasch

    He is my grandma's boyfriend after my grandpa died. He fought against Hungary in World War II for the United States. He started serving on January 20, 1942.
  • Inventions: Guided Missle

    Inventions: Guided Missle
    Germany's Werner von Braun invented the guided missle. This was benefitial to the Germans during the war. A guided missle, is an aerial missle, suchas a rocket, steered during its flight by radio signals.
  • World Event: Ecuador receives independence

    World Event: Ecuador receives independence
    Guayaquil became the first city in Ecuador to gain its independence from Spain. On May 24, 1822, the rest of Ecuador gained its independence after Antonio José de Sucre defeated the Spanish Royalist forces at the Battle of Pichincha. The entire country of Ecuador didn't receieve full independence until February 26, 1942.
  • Famous People: Gene Autry

    Famous People: Gene Autry
    Gene Autry was a famous actor and singer. One of his most famous songs was called "Sioux City Sue" which came out on April 22, 1942. He had his own successful television series called "The Gene Autry Show." He was a best-loved country singer. As for his acting career, his most prominent role was in The Phantom Empire.
  • Inventions: Napalm

    Inventions: Napalm
    Napalm was invented in the USA from Harvard University. Napalm is a highly flammable jelly-like liquid substance used in fire bombs, flamethrowers, etc.
  • WWII Events: Battle of Midway

    WWII Events: Battle of Midway
    The Battle of Midway began on June Fourth and ended on the seventh. The US Navy sinks four Japanese aircraft carriers. It was a fight that proves to be the turning point in the Pacific war.
  • WWII Events: Battle of Stalingrad

    WWII Events: Battle of Stalingrad
    In the Battle of Stalingrad Germany's entire Sixth Army is lost, and the war begins turning in favor of the Allies.
  • World Event: WAVES established

    World Event: WAVES established
    WAVES became a World War II division of the U.S. Navy that consisted entirely of women. The name represented "Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service."
  • Heritage: Verona Heyeman

    Verona Heyeman is my grandma's best friend in her apartment building. She served as a nurse during World War II and started serving on August 10, 1942.
  • Famous People: Humphrey Bogart

    Famous People: Humphrey Bogart
    He was a famous actor and widely regarded as a famous culture icon. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Bogart as the greatest male star in the history of American cinema. He starred in High Sierra in 1940 and Casablanca in 1942 which were his two biggest films. Casablanca came out for the first time in theaters on September 10, 1942.
  • World Event: Australia gains independence

    World Event: Australia gains independence
    Australia gains independence from Britain on October 9, 1942. The defeat of the large British army at Singapore in January 1942 came as a shock to the Australian government. It exposed the weakness of Britain and led Australia to seek full independence.
  • World Events: McDonald's is born

    World Events: McDonald's is born
    Richard and Maurice McDonald created “The Airdome”, which was located on the historic Route 66 near Monrovia, California. It was considered to be one of the most popular public restaurants of its time. The brothers moved the The Airdome 40 miles north to San Bernadino where they renamed it “McDonald’s.”
  • Inventions: Slinky

    Inventions: Slinky
    Richard James invents the slinky. The Slinky is a toy children can play with that resists the force of motion. I can flip-flop on a spring, blouncing across the floor and down steps.
  • Famous People: Bob Hope

    Famous People: Bob Hope
    He made his debute on June 1, 1943. He was a big part of the evolution of comedy. He appeared both on radio and television multiple times.
  • Heritage: Dan Donald Matsyak

    Don Matsyak is a good friend of my grandma in her apartment building. He was a lieutenant in the war for the United States. He started serving on June 9, 1943
  • Inventions: Silly Putty

    Inventions: Silly Putty
    James Wright invents silly putty. Silly Putty is a toy for children to play with that can turn into both a solid and a liquid. It also can bounce, even farther than rubber. Silly Putty can also copy the texture you press it on. So, it can copy the text of newspaper articles.
  • Inventions: Aqualung

    Inventions: Aqualung
    The Aqualung was invented in France by J Cousteau and E Gagnon. The Aqualung is a breathing apparatus used by divers. It consists of a mouthpiece attached to air cylinder strapped to the back.
  • Famous People: Harris "Bing" Crosby

    Famous People: Harris "Bing" Crosby
    Bing Crosby was at his prime in 1944, when he was nominated the best musician at the time. He had an astonishing 383 chart singles. Not only was he a musician, he was also and actor. He also won an AcademyAward for Best Actor playing a role in the movie "Going my way." He also starred in "White Christmas." During the time period, he was one of the most famous people around, having been invited on radio talk shows multiple times over.
  • Inventions: Kidney Dialysis

    Inventions: Kidney Dialysis
    The Kidney Dialysis was invented in the Netherlands by Willem Kolff. The Kidney Dialysis is a treatment used for people whose kidneys don’t work properly. It’s a common treatment that has been used for people with kidney problems and whose kidneys do not remove waste and excess fluid to help purify the body.
  • World Event: Holmfirth Flood

    World Event: Holmfirth Flood
    A flash flooding following a severe thunderstorm caused the deaths of 3 people in the Holme Valley, England. There was extensive damage to properties in the valley: 17 mills, 61 shops and 109 homes were flooded.
  • WWII Events: USA landed on coast of France

    WWII Events: USA landed on coast of France
    The Allied Expeditionary Force under Dwight Eisenhower landed on the coast of northern France on what will later be called "D-Day". The "Second Front" that Stalin has been demanding for three years is now open.
  • Heritage: James Weissledear

    James Weissledear is my grandpa's cousin. He fought in the United States army and in the Battle of Normandy. The battle began on June 16, 1944.
  • World Event: Bretton Woods system was created

    World Event: Bretton Woods system was created
    The Bretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states. It was the first example of a fully negotiated monetary order intended to govern monetary relations among United State's states.
  • Heritage: Leonard Kaiser

    Leonard Kaiser is my neighbor. He fought in the Battle for Brest with the Allies. The Battle started on September 9, 1944.
  • Inventions: Atomic Bomb

    Inventions: Atomic Bomb
    The Atomic Bomb was invented in the USA by Robert Oppenheimer's team. The Atomic Bomb is a bomb whose explosive force comes from a chain reaction based on nuclear fusion or plutonium.
  • Famous People: Jackie Robinson

    Famous People: Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson made the Hall of Fame for baseball. He was an American baseball player who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. He made his MLB debut on March 7, 1945.
  • WWII Events: Hitler committed suicide

    WWII Events: Hitler committed suicide
    Hitler committed suicide, shortly before the fall of Berlin and surrender of German forces.
  • Famous People: Walt Disney

    Famous People: Walt Disney
    Walt Disney was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist, well known for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century. He, and his brother Roy, created Walt Disney, which was one of the most popular motion picture shows at the time. He created Disney on August 6, 1945.
  • WWII Events: USA bombs Japan

    WWII Events: USA bombs Japan
    USA develops the atomic bomb, and successfully uses it in August to force the surrender of Japan.