Civil war

The Civil War

By Aarti
  • Seven Southern States leave the Union

    Seven Southern States leave the Union
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    South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas secedes from the Union. Southern delecates then met in February and set up the Confederate States of America!
  • Jefferson Davis-President of CSA

    Jefferson Davis-President of CSA
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    Jefferson Davis, is inagurated as CSA a president. The South has a solid leadership in Davis so they can do great in war!
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    1861- South Wins!

  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
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    On April 12, 1861 Confederate cannons open fire on Fort Sumter commanded by Major Robert Anderson. The bombardment lasted 34 hours, until Anderson surrendered to CSA General P.G.T. Beauregard. It was a Confederate victory!!!
  • Bull Run

    Bull Run
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    The Confederates and Union troops fought the Civil War's first major pitched battle and it produced a Rebel victory! The win make the South feel very confident and ready for the rest of the war.
  • Wilson Creek

    Wilson Creek
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    Wilson Creek was fought because there was a concern over the loyalty of Missouri. Because of the heroics of Union General Nathaniel Lyon, who was shot and killed in battle,it produced another Southern victory. The battle was a great victory for the south, it changed nothing in Missouri.
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    1862- South Wins!

  • The Shenedoah Campaign

    The Shenedoah Campaign
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    Stonewall Jackson staged a brilliant campaign. In doing so, he forced to divert troops from other areas to protect Washington. In just 30 days he defeated three seperate Union armies and caused havoc everywhere he went. Whatever else Jackson does, he is a confederate ledgend,
  • The Seven Days' Battle

    The Seven Days' Battle
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    The battle known as the Seven Days Battle ended on July 1. Five battles were fought in the 7 days between McClellan and Lee's troops. The South defeated the North at Mechanicsville, Gaine's Mill, Savage Station, and Frayser's Farm.McClellan retreated and his leadership and the Unions reputation dwindled.
  • The Second Bull Run

    The Second Bull Run
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    More than a year after a confederate victory at Bull Run, both armies returned to familier ground and fought a second battle at Bull Run Creek/ Manassas Juction. The result, same as the first Bull Run, was a Southern victory! This victory clears Robert E. Lee's way for an invasion of the north.
  • Sioux uprising in Minnesota

    Sioux uprising in Minnesota
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    Minnesota's Soiux Indians wanted to eliminate the Northern settlers from their ancestoral lands. The Indians has harassed and killed more than 800 settelers as they raided.
  • Union disaster at Fredricksburg

    Union disaster at Fredricksburg
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    The Union attack, commanded by General Ambrose Burnside, was a disaster for them. More than 12,000 Federals were killed as they attacked. Disapointed with Burnside, Lincoln replaced him Joseph Hooker. The North keeps changing generals but the South has a strong leader.
  • Period: to

    1863- North Wins!

  • Lincoln signs first Draft Law

    Lincoln signs first Draft Law
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    President Lincoln signed a bill which stated that all male citizens between the ages 20 and 45 must be in the war unless they are felons or physicallly or mentally unfit. They could also purchase their way out of the law by paying $300, but this law ensures a strong Union military force.
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

    The Battle of Gettysburg
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    The Battle of Gettysburg is usually call the Civil War's turning point. After this battle, mostly everything for North went uphill! The Confederates lost this battle which was fought in Pennsylvania and it halted Lee's invasion of the north.
  • Mississippi fortress of Vicksburg falls to Grant

    Mississippi fortress of Vicksburg falls to Grant
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    The Mississpppi fortress of Vicksburg falls to Grant. The victory at Gettysburg and his new victory at Vicksburg has lifted the spirits of Lincoln and have casted a gloom over the chances of Confederates gaining national independence.Also, Vicksburg's fall has split the South.
  • The Gettysburg Address

    The Gettysburg Address
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    President Lincoln delivers The Gettsyburg Address in Pennsylvannia. It was dedicated to the soldiers who died in the Battle of Gettysburg. This 272- word speech captured the Union's noble cause.
  • Union forces win Chattanooga

    Union forces win Chattanooga
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    The South wins Chatanooga which now lets them have control over a key southern city. From here, they can easily move into Georgia and Alabama and spilt the Confederacy even more.
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    1864- North Wins!

  • Command of Union armies given to Grant

    Command of Union armies given to Grant
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    After suffering bad generals, President Lincoln thinks he has found the perfect man, Ulysses S. Grant, and has appointed him to command all armies of the United States. Grant strengthens the Union's military potential.
  • Farragut captures key port of Mobile Bay

    Farragut captures key port of Mobile Bay
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    Admiral David Faaragut captures key port of Mobile Bay and displays the Union's superiority at sea. This key victory moves the Union forces closer to Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Sherman Capture Atlanta

    Sherman Capture Atlanta
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    William T. Sherman's Union troops occupied the key southern city of Atlanta, Georgia. Sherman's men fought several battles as they approched Atlanta, and when Rebel forces evacutated the city on September 1, Sherman occupied it the next day. These victorys help Licoln get realected for a second term.
  • President Lincoln is re- elected

    President Lincoln is re- elected
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    Abraham Lincoln has been re-elected president of the United states over his Democrate rival George B. McClellan. He won by a landslide. Lincoln will persue restoration of the Union.
  • Shermans March to the Sea

    Shermans March to the Sea
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    General T. Sherman tries to gain the port of Savannah, so his Union troop s have left Atlanta adn are on their march to the sea. Their objective is to split the south again! Sherman's March to the Sea will devestate the Confederacy.
  • Period: to

    1855- North Wins!

  • Lincoln tours Rebel Capital

    Lincoln tours Rebel Capital
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    As Lee's under-supplied armies retreat west of the capital, Abraham Lincoln tours the city, including Jefferson Davis' home.
  • Federals take Petersburg and occupy Richmond

    Federals take Petersburg and occupy Richmond
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    Union armies under the leadersip of Grant have finally beaten the Rebel forces under Robert E. Lee and has captured the region around Petersburg and Richmond, the rebel capital. This victory is bringing the war closer to its end.
  • Saylor's Creek- The War's Last Battle

    Saylor's Creek- The War's Last Battle
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    The Confederate forces encountard Union troops Saylor's Creek. In this battle 8,000 Confederates - approximately one-third of Lee's men surrendered, leading to a Northern victory!
  • Lee surrenders to Grant

    Lee surrenders to Grant
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    Confederate General Robert E. Lee has officially surrendered the Army of Northern Virgina to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. It took place in the home of Wilmer McLean at Appomatox Court House. Grant says the Rebels could keep their horses and arms if they would stop fighting and Lee agreed.The war if finally over, and the NORTH HAS WON!!!
  • CSA President Davis is captured in Georgia

    CSA President Davis is captured in Georgia
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    CSA President Davis was captured in Irvinville, Georgia. Rumors say he was disguised as a women. He was taken to Fort Monroe, Virginia where he was imprisoned. Because Davis is now prisoner, the Confederacy is dead.